Station carts for each need: Comparison of the best mid-station carriages in 2022

Station carts for each need: Comparison of the best mid-station carriages in 2022

These station carriages need more attention

The practical, elegant and luxurious station cars are not only available from German manufacturers. The recently introduced Peugeot 308 SW is on golf class and a real Peugeot 508 SW in the Passat section alternatives with the same faces forever in residential real estate. Peugeot mentions one thing above all in both models fashion targeted group. The French French design is clean, unused and both models can also be ordered with modern hybrid drives. Don’t forget the Ford Mondeo Racing. And his younger brother, Focus Tournament. There are real deals on the current Ford Mondeo race new car market it is possible. Ford Mondeo is at the end of its course model cycle, but that doesn’t make it any worse – more attractive in terms of price. The Ford Mondeo race was also available for a full hybrid power train known from various Toyota models. Currently Ford Mondeo is no longer available as a new one. But there are still a lot of cars in stock, so here it is price-conscious buyers you can get a real snapper.

The Renault Megane Grandtour is not widely available on the German market, but is a highly competitive candidate for VW Golf Variant and Co.

An example that certainly does not immediately catch the eye is the Renault Megane as a major expedition. The competitor to the VW Golf variant is on the German market wall fence. The current versions of the Megane Grand Tour are very competitive. Renault offers the Grand Tour in three trim levels, including ZEN founder, Intens and RS Line games. All hardware options are also available as a variant of plug-ins. The Zen variant is available as a 115 hp gasoline engine, as a 140 hp gasoline engine and as a hybrid version of 160 hp. Two other versions are also available with a 115 hp diesel engine, Blue dCI. yes Estimation of CO2 efficiency glows with A + for a small diesel engine. Renault Megane older brothers are currently not officially available to order from the list. The Talisman baptismal series competes with the VW Passat. Current versions warehouse vehicles they are very attractive at a price that you can afford business hunters it can not help but access. Or do you have other ideas?

If you are hunting for models that are particularly attractive in terms of price and performance, you should also check out Opel Insignia. The current model is the last Insignia created by Opel as Opel. Insignia dates back to the pre-Stellantis era and is actually designed Opel fans almost reaching the status of a partner. The Opel Insignia Sports Tourer is still being presented on the Opel website. When it comes to the engine, you can only choose between a diesel engine and a diesel engine, either 1.5 and 122 hp liters or 2.0 liters and 174 hp – you can combine turbo diesel with 8-speed automatic transmission and if you take 174 hp , then you can still get all-wheel drive. Opel now belongs to the Stellantis group and the successor to Insignia, so far, the model will be backed by the EMP2 platform. As Opel does now with the recently launched Opel Astra. As an Opel fan who already has an A-Omega Caravan in the garage, this is what he would be now. when ordering another new Opel station car.

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