Steel industry: Talks will continue on Thursday – Economy & Volkswagen – News

Steel industry: Talks will continue on Thursday – Economy & Volkswagen – News

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Steel industry: Talks will continue on Thursday

04.11.2022, 19:38

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Alstom workers in Salzgitter went on strike on Wednesday for higher wages

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Behind the workers and companies in Braunschweig, Salzgitter, Gifhorn and Peine there is a week-long strike. Thousands came out.

According to IG Metal this week in Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt kept their jobs. In our region, employees of various companies also went on strike every Monday after the holiday, for example in Continental in Gifhornin MKN and Agco in Wolfenbuttelfor fire filters and Bühler inside Brunswick as well as in Alstom, Magna, Bosch, SM AG and MAN inside Salzgitter or at Stoll in the circle pain.

“It was an interesting week,” commented IG Metall District Manager Thorsten Gröger. The union is demanding 8 percent more money for about 110,000 workers in the Lower Saxony sector and justifying this by price increases, among other things. Markus Hulm, union secretary of IG Metall Salzgitter-Peine, also argued in front of around 450 employees at Magna in Salzgitter on Thursday: “The most important step to prevent recession is to strengthen purchasing power. All economists agree on that.”

In the fourth round someone wants to discuss “intensively”.

Employers have the end of October in The third round of negotiation first offer was submitted – but no specific percentage was given. However, they proposed a period of 30 months and initially want to reach an agreement that companies can postpone or cancel salary increases or additional payments if it is at risk of survival. They also agreed to pay 3,000 euros tax-free and tax-free as an inflation compensation bonus to each employee. The union spoke of a “bad offer”.

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After the first wave of strikes this week, the next, fourth round of talks will take place next Thursday. IG Metall said they want to negotiate strongly and in small groups.

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