Stellantis Belvidere: Illinois bids to save factory

Stellantis Belvidere: Illinois bids to save factory

Illinois has presented what may be the best option to keep the assembly plant running Stellantis of Belvidere and save what could be thousands of jobs. US Senator Tammy Duckworth said during a visit to Rockford that his office supports local and state leaders in their efforts to keep open the Stellantis plant in Belvidere, where 5,000 people worked until a few years ago. Although details are not available because negotiations are ongoing, Duckworth said the government has made its latest offer Friday night.

Illinois filed a new petition to save Stellantis Belvidere on Friday

“We’re trying to do everything we can to keep those people here,” Duckworth said, but added that he’s aiming for more. Ahead of his three-year contract with the United Auto Workers ending in September — an agreement that provides for a moratorium on plant closings until Sept. 14 — Stellantis said he plans to “Shut down” the Belvidere plant starting February 28th. the remaining 1,200 workers would be laid off indefinitely.

The announcement came on time Jeep Cherokee sales were down and as Stellantis and other automakers are working to convert their fleets to electric vehicles. Stellantis is committed to using 35 billion dollars through 2025 as it works to convert its European brands to electric vehicles and half of its American offerings. Among the electric offerings planned in the United States are two new mid-size electric SUVs set to begin production in 2024.

I’m there Jeep Recon and the vehicle number is called Wagoneer S. No manufacturing locations have been announced for the vehicles. Stellantis said all options were being considered the future of the Belvidere plant and “that the company is working to identify other opportunities to reuse the Belvidere plant.”

Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara said officials have been “very aggressive” in working to keep the Belvidere plant open and back to full capacity. The latest offer is one of many that have been presented by state and local government officials, some of which he says he called the “final and best” offers.

“The good news is that currently there are still ongoing discussions. One party did not break contact. I think so Senator Duckworth he has been very sympathetic to us and has already helped with some measures that have helped the whole country, but especially us.

Among these measures are Federal Inflation Relief Act which includes tax incentives for companies like Stellantis to produce electric vehicles in the United States. In addition, Illinois passed the Rethinking Electric Vehicle Act that provides tax incentives for companies to switch industries to electric vehicles. And the General Assembly approved the “contract closing fund” 400 million dollars which Governor JB Pritzker could use to provide grants or forgivable loans to start new car lines in Belvidere that could mean thousands of jobs.

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