Stern buys five Citroen sites from Wensink

Stern buys five Citroen sites from Wensink

Areas within Groningen (Photo: Bright)
Wensink Automotive bids farewell to some of its Citroën dealership. Stern announced today that it is getting five locations. Stern has been part of Hedin Sweden since this year.

Branches in Groningen, Hoogeveen, Meppel, Emmen and Assen will be under the responsibility of Stern Groep. Partial redistribution is the result of Stellantis’ modified strategy. Stellantis wants to keep up with the small number of dealers carrying as many Stellantis brands as possible.

Stern, on the other hand, is very pleased with the addition of Citroën. “Thanks to this acquisition, we are strengthening our position in the North Netherlands, an area of ​​great potential for us. In addition, the acquisition is strategically important in relation to our Stellantis representation in the region,” said Anders Hedin, CEO of the Swedish Company. Stern Van der Kwast CEO already expressed last year that he is interested in Stellantis brands in the North Netherlands. Stern is already represented there by Opel, among others.

The Wensink Citroen website in Almere is owned by Janssen Van Kouwen. Currently, Wensink maintains four locations in Citroën.


Wensink bought Dijkstra Autogroep in 2018, adding Citroën and Kia. Kia sales and service in the area remains Wensink’s responsibility. These operations are moving to the new Almere area, where Ford passenger and freight vehicles and various used Wensink vehicles are also on sale.

Wensink will continue to operate in Almere, Assen, Emmen, Groningen, Hoogeveen and Meppel for the sale of Mercedes Benz and commercial passenger cars and used vehicles. Earlier this year, Wensink took over the management of Mercedes Woltinge Auto’s specialist in Hoogeveen.