Steven Knight and Paolo Sorrentino present the Apple series

Steven Knight and Paolo Sorrentino present the Apple series

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The multi-story life story of race driver and car entrepreneur Enzo Ferrari is expected to be a series on Apple TV +. Steven Knight (Peaky Blinders) and Paolo Sorrentino (The Young Papa) are involved.

Direct-to-Series has launched a new drama series on Apple TV + with a working title “Ferrari“ordered. The best-selling profile published in 2016 will be modified for this purposeFerrari Rex‘by Luca Dal Monte, which depicts the multi-faceted life of Italian race driver Enzo Ferrari, who undoubtedly also introduced the Ferrari luxury car brand. This series is produced by Steven Knight (Peaky Blinders, Taboo, See) and Oscar winner Paolo Sorrentino (The Young Papa, “La Grande Bellezza“). And Lorenzo Mieli and Nicola Giuliano are also involved.

Stefano Sollima leads (“neighborhood“,”sikario 2“). Production is probably already underway in Rome. Knight on his new project:”I am happy to be able to tell such a powerful story about this famous man and his famous brand. Enzo Ferrari’s incredible life has been defined by his extraordinary personal and professional journey, and ‘Ferrari’ is an honor to a very difficult and fascinating human being.

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The story is about a man who wanted one thing in life: to build the fastest car in the world. By this he was willing to put himself and others at greater risk. In fact, many horsemen risked their lives to fulfill that dream. Today the name Ferrari is a legend and example of fast cars.

The years 1956 to 1961 in particular will be the theme of the series. Enzo Ferrari suffered greatly after the death of his son Dino – and then there was the betrayal of his best driver Juan Manuel Fangio. With five new drivers, he wants to lead his race team to victory and thus emphasize the Ferrari story …