Stock market: Mercedes-Benz Group share price falls – 07/14/22 – News

Stock market: Mercedes-Benz Group share price falls – 07/14/22 – News

Thursday, 07/14/2022 13:13 from ARIVA.DE

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In the German stock market, the share certificate of the Mercedes-Benz Group (Mercedes-Benz Group shares) is currently in the red. The security is currently trading at EUR 51.01.

Mercedes-Benz Group shares are currently on the stock market. The paper became cheaper by 51 cents. The share price of Mercedes-Benz Group is currently 51.01 euros. If you use the Euro Stoxx 50 (Euro Stoxx 50) as a benchmark, then the safety of the Mercedes-Benz Group is ahead despite the price loss. At 3,413 points, the Euro Stoxx 50 is currently down 1.18 percent in the last trading day. Today’s price of the Mercedes-Benz Group is not the lowest in the history of the paper stock market. The share had a low of 36.57 euros on March 2, 2009.

Mercedes Benz Group Company

The Mercedes-Benz Group (formerly Daimler AG) is a global automaker. Passenger cars and financial services form the main group business, which is one of the major manufacturers of international vehicles. The Mercedes-Benz Group sells its vehicles and services to almost every country in the world and has production facilities on five continents. With sales of 134 billion euros, the Mercedes-Benz Group recently generated net income for the year of 23.0 billion euros. On July 27, 2022, the Mercedes-Benz Group will allow you to view the books again. Then the latest business statistics are published.

Comparison with peer group

Mercedes-Benz Group Mitsubishi Motors bmw Porsche Vzo Volkswagen
course 51.01 €3.12 €72.47 €64.72 €128.28
performance 0.99 +0.35% +0.01% -0.80% -0.05%
market limit 54.7 billion euros 4.64 billion euros 43.6 billion euros 9.91 billion euros 26.5 billion euros

This is how analysts see the share of the Mercedes-Benz Group

The Mercedes-Benz Group’s stock document is considered by several analysts.



a brilliant auctioneer


You can find the basic prospectus, end terms and key information pages here: MD5RS2,MD3T01,. Please also note additional information on this ad. The issuer has the right to strike open bonds.

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