stop the illegal export of luxury cars

stop the illegal export of luxury cars

Stolen and “recycled” luxury cars sent overseas. The station of one of these cars – Porsche, Audi and Lamborghini – arrived thanks to the traffic police of Arezzo who intervened on their stretch of the A1 to stop the suspicious journey. Three other cars, resulting from the illegal traffic, were stopped shortly before Umbria, from Orvieto Polstrada. Perhaps, as the investigators from Orvieto explain, it is a criminal matter that concerns “High value vehicles which, after being stolen in various ways from their rightful owners, are recovered and often sent to non-EU countries”.

Four cars stopped on the A1

Three cars were seized in the Orvieto area, one in the Aretino area, the total value is approx. 1 million euros. In fact, all the cars are luxury models that the trip north on the A1 during one of the previous nights was not detected by the patrol officers in the Autosole service areas. Three cars were parked and the fourth was about to resume their march northward when the first inspection by the agents of Orvieto was initiated. Nani then gave the report to his colleagues from Arezzo. The latter, moments later, stopped the run of the fourth car.

Rent a car in the Neapolitan area

At the wheel were all French citizens from North African countries (Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco): with complete peace of mind in front of the agents, they showed that they had rented cars in Campania through rental contracts shown to the police. But there was something strange about one of the cars. Inside one of the cockpits, disassembly of the inner plastic cover has begun. The investigation, which immediately turned difficult, continued. It was previously confirmed that the car stopped in Arezzo was part of the “caravan”. The investigation is still ongoing, but, they explain from Polstrada “So far, we have revealed that among the four cars and 12 others of the same group with a total value of 4 million euros, a car rental company in the Neapolitan area had looted them, which in turn rented them from another company. in Frusinate”.

Some cars are already out of the country

According to the investigators, the traffic of these vehicles would lead “for many crimes including that of theft, and the intervention of many people, in Italy and abroad, also abroad, involved in various positions in what is seen so far, except for other emergencies where there is confidentiality of the investigators. , the traffic of vehicles intended for processing and export”. Some of the cars, among the 16 that have been fortunately rebuilt, are said to be already abroad, outside of Europe. Three French nationals have so far been reported to have received stolen goods.