Street watering in Tesla ++ Weaker heat wave than expected ++ Mid-term review 9 euro ticket

Street watering in Tesla ++ Weaker heat wave than expected ++ Mid-term review 9 euro ticket

Dear readers,

the day before yesterday I gave you one this time a huge heat wave announced for next week – but that it spreads to us in Brandenburg is becoming more and more difficult. Meteorologist Dominik Jung explains that there are still model calculations based on which we also have to adjust to 40 degrees, but ARD meteorologist Roland Vögtlin is convinced: There were mistakes. This is related to the soil moisture in this country, which is still higher here than in France or Spain despite the long drought. It’s very hot there at the moment – the thermometer reads 41 degrees in Spain today and 37 degrees in Lyon. Maybe it won’t be so hot here.

However: No one should freeze in this country either. of 30 degree mark we are bursting at Brandenburg, probably on Tuesday, so the current situation. There is no rain at all. That’s why environmentalists are more than happy about this Tesla’s procedure About: Eyewitnesses reported that trucks with water tanks pass the asphalt several times a day to water the streets. In days like these, when the forest floor in Brandenburg craves every drop of cool water, this certainly seems like an empty mockery – and confirms the image of the enemy that some environmentalists like to have against the tech billionaire and Tesla boss Elon Musk.

However, in this case it is not an aberration but an official requirement which truck has water: This explains that the roads there must be wet – unless it’s raining. The State Office for the Environment (LfU), which is responsible for Tesla’s approval, will confirm this on request. In the terms of the approval notice it says under point, “reduction dust production in the area of ​​the construction area” the roads should be paved as much as possible and if possible they should be made part of the solid road.

And if these roads and driving surfaces are “not wet enough with rain”, they must be wet all the time. This is to prevent “visible dust generation” from occurring. And the Oder-Spree district cannot recognize water crime either, because the sprinkler water comes from rainwater storage, i.e. from the circulation system. Anything that hasn’t dissolved has to be recaptured through the channel.

So let’s pack the torches and pitchforks for today, Grünheide street irrigation season not only legal, but even necessary.

I wish you a sunny evening!

All the best,

Robin Williamson

Shift Manager (Digital)

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