Strike at the Stellantis factory in Italy.  The reason for saving and the deterioration of work conditions |

Strike at the Stellantis factory in Italy. The reason for saving and the deterioration of work conditions |

Alfa Romeo factory workers in Italy have been on strike since Wednesday. As a result, the production of the Tonale model is delayed and the dispute increases. The reasons for the strike are the work environment and increased workload in individual positions.

Factory Alfa Romeo Pomigliano d’Arcoknown as Stellantis Pomigliano, is a car factory owned by Stellantis, known since 2008 as Giambattista Vico Factory. Production began here in 1972 and at its peak The plants employed more than 6,000 people.

Currently, such cars are produced here Alfa Romeo Tonale and Fiat Panda. However, production has decreased significantly as there is an ongoing strike in the factories. The reason for this, according to trade unionists, is the working environment, including heavy workloads, the threat of layoffs and chaos in management. Out of 4,000 employees, about 20% are among the sponsored ones and the Italian government.

According to Mario Di Costanzo, the head of the FIOM steel workers’ union, production was almost completely stopped on Wednesday, with interruptions of several hours on Thursday and Friday. For his part, the spokesperson of Stellantis in Italy said that the production was not interrupted, but it slowed down the production of cars.

Unions accuse Stellantis of being overwhelmed with work while laying off part of the workforce, which is supposed to reduce production costs. “Stellantis is just looking to cut costs,” said Di Costanzo, who represents the FIOM union. “For us, that means a difficult, tiring change and less investment in the means of production and deterioration of working conditions, including reducing our safety. The member also spoke about the lack of cleaning of toilets and common areas due to the lack of cleaning staff.

“Stellantis always works internally special employment contract and with respect to their employeesalso considering the competitive environment in the automotive sector,” the Stellantis spokesperson responds to these claims.

However, trade union activists have announced an increase in protests.

source: FIOM / Reuters

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