Stroll praises Aston Martin and sets 2023 target: “Clean race” – Formula 1 News

Stroll praises Aston Martin and sets 2023 target: “Clean race” – Formula 1 News

THE aston martin ending in a draw with Alfa Romeo for World Builders Championship – both with 55 points. But the team Lawrence Stroll despair. That’s because the green cars performed well below expectations at the start of the year, which only improved in the final round of the championship.

For the son of a billionaire and a team driver, Throw, the main goal in 2023 needs to be racing: to avoid retirement or any other problems. After all, he was full of praise for Aston Martin’s recovery after the update Barcelona.

“I think it comes down to having a clean race,” he said. “When I look back at the last few races I think we missed out on a points chance, as in Austin both cars were doing well,” he continued.

“So we lost a lot of points there. We need to be competitive. And then, if we’re fast and competitive, it’s capital and we get points.”

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Lance Stroll spoke about recovery in 2022 (Photo: Rodrigo Berton/Grand Prix)

Dan Fallowsthe outgoing technical director Red Bull in April to join aston martinalso revealed that the team is already considering a completely different car for 2023, even if their children cannot distinguish the changes in the bolide.

“There’s a limit to what we can do with the current laws. New cars have to pass my kids’ test, so if I put them in front of my kids and they say they look different, then they look different.” “But they always say they are the same, but within the envelope of the law we have, yes, there is a big difference in AMR23,” revealed Fallows.

Mike Crackhead of Aston Martin, also agrees with Dan’s views on improving the car’s performance in 2022. The Luxembourg boss highlighted the value of the team’s new purchase and hopes to maintain the good pace next year.

“I think it’s a very interesting return. You can clearly see the impact of people like Dan joining us and others mixing with the people who are already here. I think we’re in a good time and you feel that spirit when you come here. We have reason to believe that we can continue on this path. ,” said Krack.

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