Subaru Crosstrek (2024) review: this ridiculous specification makes the successor to the XV a good one

Subaru Crosstrek (2024) review: this ridiculous specification makes the successor to the XV a good one

The Subaru Crosstrek 2.0i e-Boxer is a facelifted XV. But the changes are so ridiculous that we appreciate the unusual Subaru even more.

What is known about the new Subaru Crosstrek (2024)?

News from Subaru it’s rare, so when a new style arrives, our hearts beat in anticipation. But the most exciting thing about the Subaru Crosstrek is its new name. In fact, it is a very raised face Subaru XV.

As Subaru tradition dictates, the Crosstrek comes standard with all-wheel drive. And the boxer engine is also one of the famous ingredients. A 2.0-liter four-cylinder works – just like the XV – with a small 12.3 kWh (16.7 hp) electric motor. To reduce CO2 emissions, the power was reduced from 150 to 136 hp, but thanks to well-thought-out Japanese techniques you can now drive faster than the XV. Top speed is 198 km/h instead of 193 km/h. Even though it’s a small hybrid, you can still drive 2 kilometers on pure electricity with the Crosstrek.

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What’s so great about the Subaru Crosstrek?

In this turbulent world it is good if some things remain the same. The Subaru Crosstrek is so ordinary that it becomes special. Don’t expect flashy Italian design from the brand, or interiors with ultra-modern screens or atmosphere. ambient light.

The Crosstrek only has an analog speedometer and tachometer. The center tunnel has a prominent lever and does not have a rocking lever or a strange push button with which you select gears. Next to the gear lever are two seat heating buttons. You operate them by touch and you don’t have to navigate through complicated menus on a illogical multimedia screen. More crazy details: bigger door handles, so your fingernails don’t touch the paint, and seats that are designed so your head shakes 44 percent less than before – we’re not making this up.

Subaru Crosstrek (2024) review: is the successor to the XV salvation for Subaru?

The other changes are also crazy. The Crosstrek buyer gets three windshield washers instead of two, and a larger 4.5-centimeter rear window wiper. The luggage compartment has increased from 1310 to 1314 liters, an increase of 4 whole liters. There are also external changes: the grille became bigger, the logo was given a more prominent place, the hood is slightly higher and the LED lights are new. Additionally, the plastic trim parts around the wheel arches are larger.

But it’s not just the details that make us happy. Subaru has worked hard to improve sound insulation and it shows. The Crosstrek is an incredibly quiet and comfortably tuned car (much quieter than the XV), which drives surprisingly straight. And with its permanent 4WD, it’s a rock in cold windy and rainy weather. Our one-hour test ride on the muddy roads around Lelystad was fun.

What can be improved about the Subaru Crosstrek (2024)?

Subaru is known for its boxer engines, all-wheel drive and towing capabilities. The latter is the reason why many enthusiasts buy Subaru again and again. But it is in that area that the Crosstrek fails. It can tow a trailer of up to 1270 kg, which is average. Subaru has to pay at least 1500 kg. In addition, the EU consumption of 1 in 13.0 is not attractive.

We also worry about the future of Subaru: every reasonably capable electric car now has four wheels and the boxer engine has had its day. So what does Subaru have? Do you convince buyers only with a solid image, if the price is also high?

When will the Subaru Crosstrek come to the Netherlands and what is its price?

The Subaru Crosstrek will be available at dealerships in early December, after which deliveries will begin in January 2024. There is good news about the price of the 2.0 e-Boxer: it has been lowered. The old XV 2.0 e-Boxer AWD cost 54,700 euros. But thanks to reduced CO2 emissions, you pay ‘only’ 51,800 euros for the Crosstrek (Comfort Edition). Anyone who doubts Subaru’s rugged image (perhaps not necessarily) can still be convinced by the eight-year factory warranty. 1.6 AWD with 114 hp, which XV was still available, will disappear from the price list.

What do I think of the Subaru Crosstrek?

Subaru is one of the brands that wishes you every success. It always goes in its own way and hates trends that come quickly when lost. In the strong Crosstrek you feel safe against all elements and Subaru is always among the most reliable car brands.

But Subaru’s supply does not match Dutch demand. The brand managed to sell 64 cars in the Netherlands in the first 10 months of 2023. So less than seven per month … The new Crosstrek cannot turn the tide, no matter how much we wish the Japanese success. The changes are not enough for that and the price is still too high. There is a bright spot: from 2026, the brand will build its electric cars. The only electric Subaru you can buy right now, the singleit is still largely the same as the Toyota bZ4X.