Subaru Forester: 4×4 Speedster |  Munich evening newspaper

Subaru Forester: 4×4 Speedster | Munich evening newspaper

The further south of the republic, the more four-wheel drive – and therefore the more Subarus. Of course, this formula also applies to Forester, which has built a name for itself as a trusted partner for foresters and hunters, farmers and recreationalists.

We tested the current Forester in everyday life – and know him beyond the vanity of design as a true expert on wheels.

It starts with the basic data of the all-wheel drive, which is now only offered with a strong boxer hybrid. Japanese 4.63 meters long can take up to 1,870 kg on the hook, stability system ensures safety.

Subaru Forester: No off-road climber, but good on rough terrain

Its ground clearance of 22 cm does not make it an off-road competitor, but it allows traveling over rough terrain if necessary – it is always enough to get to the hunting lodge or to feed the deer.

Between 509 and 1,779 liters fit in the trunk – this means that everyday travel needs can be handled as easily as holiday trips.

Subaru Forester: tailgate closes electrically

There are also plenty of knee and headrests for passengers. And that’s not all: you don’t have to do without comfortable, heated seats with options for electric adjustment in front and a heated steering wheel.

A good Harman/Kardon system ensures proper sound in the test car in the highest Platinum equipment level, the tailgate closes electrically, there are also pleasant leather upholstery and a precise navigation system.

The Subaru Forester cockpit takes some getting used to

When it comes to assistance systems and infotainment, the Forester offers pretty much everything. It includes a variety of safety features in a package called EyeSight, but also adds passive lane assist or evasive assistance to the steering wheel. Lane change, blind spot and cross traffic assistants are also on board, among other things.

Subaru Forester: Where is the heated steering wheel button?

Driving a Subaru SUV in principle is quite understandable, but it takes some time to get used to it.

The new Porsche Macan T swings effortlessly through the curves of the Col de Turini.

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Elegant appearance: U6ion is 4.75 meters long and five centimeters longer than its brother U5.

Aiways U6ion: The second prank


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For one reason: Input options and displays are scattered in order in the cockpit, first you have to orient yourself, for example, on the instrument cluster in front of the driver, on the touch screen and in the small display mounted on it. .

Subaru Forester: E-Boxer is not exactly economical

In addition, the multifunction steering wheel is well equipped with buttons for more different functions. And unless you’re specifically looking for it, you probably won’t quickly notice the steering wheel heating button in the underworld between the right and lower steering wheel spokes.

But now to the topic of driving: the e-Boxer looks modern, like the low consumption thanks to the small hybrid assistance. Well, the Forester and its only 150 hp boxer (0 – 100 km / h in 11.8 seconds, 188 km / h top speed) are not very economical, despite the electric support.

The two-liter engine whines when accelerating

In the test, we came up with 8.1 liters per 100 kilometers despite gentle use of the accelerator pedal. At least seven before the comma may be required.

Why did we drive so carefully? Because of the automatic transmission called Lineartronic. This has no action in principle, but the seven “artificial” gears prevent the two-liter engine from screaming too badly during acceleration.

Thanks to SI-Drive, the control can even be different in two steps – sometimes more discreetly, sometimes more strongly. Finally, Lineatrinic means that you simply caress the accelerator pedal and only give the ball when you need it, for example during a stretch.

The chassis design suits a restrained driving style

Which in turn is good for road safety, nerves and wallet. You just have to love it, otherwise the Forester and its user don’t go together.

The chassis design also suits a restrained driving style: the Subaru goes into corners with a strong sway and is not particularly adept at a simulated avoidance test, but the active ESP reliably prevents dangerous situations.

The package is the same: These are the prices of the Subaru Forester

All in all, the time with the Forester, which costs 34,990 euros in the basic version and 43,990 euros in the top version tested, was very pleasant.

On the one hand, because the package of space and daily use, a comfortable chassis, a good overview and a lot of comfort always create a good situation.

And on the other hand, because the all-wheel drive provides a good deceleration effect. Let others pass through that area – we won’t let this traffic get to us.