Subaru Impreza: The successor to Fast and Furious has been presented

Subaru Impreza: The successor to Fast and Furious has been presented

of Japanese subaru has presented to the world the sixth generation of its most popular model, the Impreza. The star of the brand (which has a constellation as a logo) at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the car was revealed only in a four-door hatch version, with three different versions.

Looking, let’s say, more characteristic than that of its first generations, the Impreza 2024 (that’s what it’s called) will arrive in Base, Sport and RS options – a short that hasn’t been seen on the line for a long time. . The most powerful WRX, with a turbocharged 275 hp engine, was revised last year.

All Imprezas are powered by four-cylinder engines, as opposed to two-by-two (boxer), with direct fuel injection, but while the first two versions are the 2.0, which produces 152 hp of power and 20 kgfm of torque, in game. The RS has 2.5 liters, with 182 hp and 24.6 kgfm.

The traction is always important, it is distributed to four wheels and a system that measures the torque according to the needs and the exchange is automatic of the CVT type, with the simulation of eight marches – which in the two most expensive versions can be changed manually. and butterflies on the steering wheel.

the way to success

For those who do not associate the name with the car, the Impreza is a medium model launched in 1992, which throughout its history has made it famous for its sports versions, which have won a series of victories in competitions such as the world rally. WRC Championship:

Drivers’ (with Colin McRae) and constructors’ champions in 1995, constructors’ champions in 1996 and 1997, drivers’ champions again in 2001 (with Richard Burns) and again in 2003 (with Petter Solberg).

In addition, the model was one of those used in the “Fast and Furious” film series, the most popular among car lovers – and among adventure fans in general, too.

Among the characteristics and features that make the Impreza stand out – and which has been maintained since the first generations – is the boxer engine, with the cylinders “lying down” in different positions, a configuration used in old air-cooled VWs and Porsche sports cars. , like the 911 model, to this day.

The main advantage of this type of engine is its height, lower than that of traditional engines, which provides a lower center of gravity for cars. Moreover, these engines are also famous for their good torque at low revs.

Another highlight is Subaru’s four-wheel drive system, which is very efficient and reliable – reliability, incidentally, is also a top brand.

Another news

Referring to the 2024 Impreza, it is now equipped with safety technology features such as autonomous emergency braking, visual assist and so on, as part of a monitoring and assistance system called EyeSight Driver Assist.

With it, the car’s processor can detect pedestrians, animals and cyclists on the road, warn and, if necessary, brake the car in case of emergency. For this, there is still a “booster”, which increases the stopping power to help avoid collisions.

Inside, the car now comes with a multimedia center with an 11.6-inch vertical screen, “Tesla Style”, which provides wireless connectivity for Android and Apple systems. In the top version of the RS line, the sound comes from Harman Kardon, with 10 speakers.

In this more expensive option, special sports seats with heating – and electricity for the driver, with 10 different adjustments -, sunroof, 18-inch alloy wheels, a series of spoilers and different finishes and headlights (all) are also normal. in LED.

Is he in Brazil?

Although Subaru has representation here in Brazil, at this time, there is no indication that this new generation Impreza will be brought here. Today, the brand sells only two models here, the Forester SUV and the XV S crossover – in practice, the “adventurous” variant of the current generation Impreza.

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