Subaru Launches Subaru Automatic Flagpole

Subaru Launches Subaru Automatic Flagpole


Subaru introduces them immediately Subaru Automatic Flagpole (SAF)† This simple and unique tool helps you find a car quickly in big and many parking lots. SAF is immediately available on the new Subaru Forester and is located standard on the brand new Outback which will be in the exhibition rooms starting at the end of April.

Most motorists will recognize it: there is no way they can find their car in that crowded parking lot at the airport, that busy furniture park or in the concert parking lot. Sometimes it is enough to drive the door lock at a distance to turn on the warning lights to indicate where the car is. Unfortunately, this method does not always work.

Subaru usually comes with a smart solution to this problem. Vehicle system warning system for children left in the back seat, the EyeSight and DMS security system that keeps the driver awake while driving, is now launching the Subaru Automatic Flagpole

Principle of direct flagpole it’s easy. The remote control of the car sends a signal to the vehicle. This signal is amplified by oscillation the part of the electromagnetic field that sends the positively charged molecules one way while the negative particles go the other way. This makes the waves strong enough to enable the Subaru Automatic Flagpole at a distance of approximately 150 meters.

Once the Subaru receives the signal, built-in roof shelves on pillars. This makes the car stand out and can be accessed quickly. The built-in LED light in the flag ensures that the car is also visible at night or in dark parking garages.

A recent European study by the AFD Institute (1) found that 64 percent of all drivers sometimes forget to park their cars. The study found that forty percent of drivers regularly search for their car parked for more than five minutes. There are car access programs, but they often do not work well enough.

The The Subaru Automatic Flagpole is standard on the new Outback which will be in the exhibition room from the end of April. The new Forester can be ordered immediately by the station. Subaru will offer a wide range of flag options so that SAF can also be privatized.

Those interested in the new generation of Outback and Forester can find more information about designs at or