Subsidy 2022. Amazing impact of original plans implemented

Subsidy 2022. Amazing impact of original plans implemented

8 winning programs, 130 volunteers involved in charity, more than 300 beneficiaries of unique activities. This is a wonderful result of the author’s implemented plans, which were awarded in the competition “MINI GRANTS FOR VOLUNTEERING INITIATIVES OF SOLIDARITY CORPUS – MAŁOPOLSKIE VOIVODESHIP”, as part of the Solidarity Corps.

– This year, Due to the special situation of Ukraine, the winning measures were directed mainly to refugees from Ukraine. Volunteers from Małopolskie Voivodeship showed great support and knowledge regarding the needs of our eastern neighbors who fled from hostilities – says Halina Rams, vice president of the Sursum Corda Organization.

Learning Polish for the benefit of refugees from Ukraine, building a friendly and attractive school garden, developing, educational and connecting workshops for children from Ukraine, music workshops for refugee children, a trip to the Castle in Czorsztyn and a visit to Niedzica with refugees from Ukraine , or strengthening activities in the common room of the school is the result of previous ideas implemented.

– Small grants are direct support for activities carried out by volunteers. It is also a real help in preparing volunteers. Sometimes imagination and love are not enough to deliver good. Financial resources are also needed. As a regional partner of Solidarity Corps, we appreciated the 8 most interesting initiatives of voluntary groups, where we gave 1,000 PLN for each activity – says Agnieszka Kałużny, Solidarity Corps project coordinator in Małopolskie Voivodeship. As part of the funds received, among others, educational games, teaching materials, or compost, tools and seeds for the renovated school garden, which now serves volunteers and the local community – summary of Agnieszka Kałużny.

As part of the competition called MINI GRANTS FOR VOLUNTEERING OF THE SOLIDARITY CORPS – MAŁOPOLSKIE VOIVODESHIP 8 activities were given and implemented:

  • Volunteer School Club working at the Primary School in Rdziostówand a program called: Resident friendly garden.
  • Kwiatonowice Homini Association, and the program called: Polish-Ukrainian Infant Academy.
  • Informal group – Nowy Sączand a program called: We help teach.
  • Public SP for them. St. Jadwiga in Rzezawaand a program called: We help with talent.
  • Primary School No. 137 Prof. W. They have kindergarten units in Krakowand a program called: Have fun with Polish.
  • their SP. Of the Holy Father John Paul II in Kacwinand a program called: I’m giving you a helping hand!
  • Primary School No. 72 Teofil Lenartowicz in Krakowand a program called: Create something with me.
  • SP in the Queen of Poland, and the program called: Activities of the day – different.

The purpose of this competition was to support initiatives for the local community or refugees from Ukraine and promote the idea of ​​Solidarity Corps in the Małopolskie Voivodeship. The Sursum Corda association is a partner of the Solidarity Corps program in Małopolska.