Success in F1 and Alpine will be ‘good’ for Hubert

Success in F1 and Alpine will be ‘good’ for Hubert

( – Pierre Gasly wants to start again with Alpine in Formula 1 and also remembers his late friend Anthoine Hubert, who sadly died in a Formula 2 accident at Spa in 2019.

Pierre Gasly in Alpine: You will have to get used to this picture in 2023


In an interview with ‘’, Gasly reveals that Hubert’s relationship with the team “was something I thought about immediately” when the talks started.

“I knew Anthoine was an Alpine rider, a French rider who was very popular at the academy. All of us riders knew that Alpine was very keen to give a French rider the top. And he was on the Formula 1 track,” he explains. . Alpine guest.

Gasly: ​​Anthoine wanted to do it with Alpine

Hubert was a leading talent in Renault’s youth program, which has since been renamed the Alpine Academy. In 2018 he won the GP3 title and the following year he moved to Formula 2. He won races in Monaco and Paul Ricard before dying in a crash at Spa.

Gasly and Hubert were close friends. They went through the youth classes of French motorsport as well as attending a school set up by the French Racing Federation to encourage their development.

When Gasly decided to switch to Alpine last season, “of course I thought about him, and also about the family,” reveals the Frenchman. “It felt like a good story to take that step.”

“I’ve always said, we had this dream together to reach Formula 1, me and Anthoine. He had his dream to perform in Alpine. If it’s something I can achieve, for Anthoine in my life to remember even more, that would be great,” Gasly continued.

Still in close contact with Hubert’s family

His move to Alpine for 2023 comes after Fernando Alonso’s surprise move to Aston Martin. Gasly was released early from his contract with Red Bull, which lasted for one year. This year he will form an all-French team with Esteban Ocon.

Shortly after signing the Alpine contract, he sent a message to Hubert’s family, Gasly reveals. He hopes to see each other in person again soon.

In the off-season, the Frenchman would like to spend time with them to exchange ideas. “I have a few stories that I would like to share with his mother,” he says. “It’s definitely something I carry with me all the time.”