Success in Vicenza for PCB Focus 2023, the printed circuit board exhibition

Success in Vicenza for PCB Focus 2023, the printed circuit board exhibition

Stefania Calcaterra, CEO of NürnbergMesse Italia. In the preview image: Focus on PCB is unique in the panorama of European B2B exhibitions and was held in Vicenza from 17 to 18 May.

112 Italian and European exhibitors6,000 meters2 exhibition space, 35 special conversations among the meetings and technical workshops with high-quality speakers, and first of all as the first in Italy of IPC Hand Selling Competitionmanual welding championship organized by IPC.

These were the numbers for the second edition of “Focus PCB – From Design to Assembly”, Europe’s only fully dedicated exhibition. for the printed circuit board industry.


Prepared by NürnbergMesse, promoted by PCB Assodel Group and hosted by IEGItalian Exhibition Group, Focus on the PCB is an event sponsored by ANIE Electronic Components. The exhibition is unique in the European B2B exhibition scene and was held in Vicenza from 17 to 18 May.

Meet in this unique opportunity to update and professional networks, PCB manufacturers, PCB Suppliers, contractors, EMS extension, PCB material suppliers, service companies, suppliers of design-related tools and services, PCB and PCBA certification organizations and companies, analytical and testing laboratories.

Some comments

The exhibition was opened in front of the councilor Nerio Dalla Vecchia of the Chamber of Commerce of Vicenza, Stephanie CalcaterraCEO of NürnbergMesse Italia, Luca GiovelliPCB Group Head of Assodel e Gabriel BragaANIE Electronic Components Governing Board.

Stefania Calcaterra, CEO of NürnbergMesse Italia: “Opening the second edition of Focus on PCB today with great growth is an unmistakable sign that we have taken the right path, a path that has been able to lead us to fully meet the need sought by many to create a worthy point of contact between them. all players in the printed circuit supply chain. This conference is translated into a great exchange of ideas, based on needs, enabling the development of new proposals that meet the needs of the ever-evolving market.“.

Luca Giovelli, Head of Assodel PCB Group: “I hope that PCB Focus can consolidate itself as a meeting place for printed circuit companies, at the Italian and European level. With their participation, the exhibitors wanted to represent their identity, and show themselves ready to offer technology and services that will allow them to successfully face the future challenges of the industry.“.

Gabriele Braga, ANIE Electronic Components Management Board: “In recent years we have witnessed a real upheaval in the market, which has caused many companies to change their business model and innovate their products, giving movement to a situation that was bad at the beginning of the pandemic. PCBs are strategic components and as ANIE Components we are at Focus on PCBs with the intention of helping the re-establishment of this sector.“.

Nerio Dalla Vecchia, Councilor of the Chamber of Commerce of Vicenza: “The manufacture of electronic boards and components involves the participation of many sectors and activities, with important effects not only on the local area, but throughout Italy. With the intention of moving again, it is important to recover skills that have been transferred elsewhere, so as not to hinder important national sectors, such as the automotive sector.“.

Luca Giovelli, Head of Assodel PCB Group.