Super compact car: Mitsubishi Space Star Select + with trailer and bike rack

Super compact car: Mitsubishi Space Star Select + with trailer and bike rack

The miracle of space economy

There are only a few cheap and affordable cars left in Germany. Especially like a new car. A representative of this group with a unique selling point is the Mitsubishi Space Star. In the price list, the small car is around 10,000 euros. 3.84 meters long, 1.50 meters long and 1.66 meters wide is still a miracle of space economy. Up to 5 people can be accommodated at the same time. We tested the car with the advanced “Select+” equipment, CVT automatic transmission and trailer hitch including a bicycle rack from the Mitsubishi equipment range. This gives the minivan a great talent for transporting up to two wheels or light e-bikes.

internal affairs

The compact car, measuring just 3.85 meters long, 1.67 meters wide and 1.50 meters tall, also offers amazing space for passengers and is perfect for city traffic. In the front, people who reach a height of 1.9 meters and enough space can also travel. The seats in the Sky Star offer a satisfying seating comfort. A height-adjustable driver’s seat and steering wheel contribute to this. And even in the back, thanks to the wheelbase of 2.45 meters, there is still enough space for two adults. However, there is not much space left in the trunk for luggage or shopping. There is enough for two water tanks, and the volume of the cargo compartment can be increased if necessary by folding down the backrest division from a small 212 to 912 liters. However, this does not result in a flat loading area. The loops on the backs of the rear seats have proved to be practical, as they allow them to be closed easily from the back.

The Space Star does not yet offer inductive charging for smartphones. But there is a USB port, as well as a Bluetooth interface for voice and hands-free calls. Mirroring via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is also supported. Pairing worked immediately. In addition to FM, radio reception also scores with digital DAB+. Automatic climate control and two-stage seat heating ensure a pleasant temperature.

There are a total of three cup holders, two in the center console – where you can also store larger mobile phones – and one between the seats. There are other practical storage options in the doors and above the glove compartment. In the small car industry, margins are slim. However, the small car hits happily and visualizes quite beautifully. Without any signs of economy like big spending Space star can not do without hard plastic.

Three cylinder drive

The 940 kg Japanese car is powered by a three-cylinder petrol engine with a displacement of 1.2 liters and 52 kW/71 hp. A small car has only been produced by this division since last year. Performance, reduced by nine horsepower compared to its predecessor, sounds normal at first. But it is quite enough for a small Space Star. The three-cylinder marks high and enough power for a small car powertrain, which weighs only 950 kg. To do this, a maximum torque of 102 Newton meters is applied to the crankshaft at 3,500 rpm. Power is sent to the front wheels through a standard five-speed gearbox. Our test car had a CVT transmission. This saves a lot of switching work, especially in the city environment, and ensures a good gain in comfort. Space Star needs a proud 15.8 seconds to run from zero to one hundred. The maximum acceleration of a small car ends at a speed of 163 km / h. In addition, the unit has Euro 6d-final technology and low consumption at the same time. According to NEDC, the youngest consumes 4.6 liters of fuel, depending on the manufacturer. Corresponding to CO2 emissions of 108 grams per kilometer driven. Our test consumption with the bike in the rear was over 6 liters according to the on-board computer. On the highway it can also be 7 liters. When driving economically, however, consumption of 5.5 liters and less is also possible without any problems.

driving characteristics

Small, slim and compact as it is, the Sky Star fits in well in narrow streets and small parking spaces. As expected, the Star Star does not have a chassis suitable for racing. Thanks to the torsion beam rear axle, the Space Star can even weave sideways. Thanks to the 2.45 meter wheelbase, the Space Star manages to avoid bad bumps well. The short bumps have the ability to push the chassis to its limits by handing over the occupants in a rumbling and unfiltered manner. Part of this is certainly due to the thin 165 tires on small 14-inch wheels. More surprising, however, are the highly successful compromises the Japanese made with this small car. Space Star provides driving and handling pleasure with adequate suspension comfort at the same time. The brakes respond in good measure. With its small turning circle of 9.2 meters, the Sky Star proves to be very flexible and practical.

Price and extras

The Japanese charge 14,680 euros for the Space Star Select+. This doubles the discounted base price. But in return, the customer gets many extras and useful services. A detachable and lockable trailer hitch with a maximum trailer load of 400 kg and a vertical load of 50 kg as well as a 13-pin electrical device (620 euros) and a two-bike carrier (712 euros) were also fitted to the vehicle. experiments. . The Space Star supports a support arm of up to 50 kg on the trailer hitch. In addition to the weight of the carrier itself, this is enough for 2 bicycles with a total weight of 34.2 kg. The carrier has been expertly designed to ensure safe and convenient transportation of portable bicycles. With a bike rack, the Space Star becomes a four-seater. If there are 5 people in the car, the bike rack cannot be used.

To open the tailgate and gain access to the trunk when stowed, the carrier can be quickly opened and tipped back a little and returned to its place. When not in use, the carrier also fits quickly into the trunk (closed down).

In addition to the basic version and the aptly named Basic, Plus and Advanced equipment lines are available for Space Star. Custom models of the Spirit / Spirit+ and Select+ we run are also available. The standard equipment of the basic model is clear. Above all, it must be understood that practically no extras can be ordered for the basic model. This is only possible with two higher hardware variants. Basic equipment includes a multi-information display, a coat hook, daytime running lights, halogen headlights, a chrome radiator grille and a folding rear seatback. The air conditioner is only available from the Plus version with prices starting from at least 10,949 euros. The Select+ we ran offers all the usual attractions of the Plus Reduction level. These include a well-tuned start/stop system, DAB and LED taillights, 15-inch alloy wheels, 7-inch touchscreen infotainment including Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Heated exterior mirrors, height-adjustable front passenger seat, multifunction steering wheel, rearview camera, tinted rear windows, heated front seats, seats with decorative stitching and automatic cruise control of travel.

Specifications Mitsubishi Space Star Select + Petrol 1.2 MIVEC – CVT- 2WD (Bicycle)
Manufacturer: Mitsubishi
Body: a small car
Number of seats: 5
Vehicle type: HSN: 7431
Engine: 1.2 Three-cylinder injection system: ECI-MULTI (Electronically Controlled Multiple Injection)
Type: DOHC, MIVEC technology with variable valve lift and valve timing
Number of valves: 12
transmission Electronically controlled CVT automatic transmission INVECS III
Transfer: cc 1,193
production class Euro 6d final
Performance: 52 kW / 71 hp at 6,000 rpm
Torque: 102 Nm at 3,500 rpm
From 0 to 100: manual switch 15.8s
Top speed: 163 km/h
Shared use 4.7 liters
CO2 emissions together 108g/km
Fuel: the first gasoline 95 octane
lose weight 999 kg
trunk 209 to 881 liters
tank capacity 35 liters
burden of payment Includes driver (75 kg) approx., depending on equipment: 436 kg
height/width/height/wheelbase 3,845/1,665/1,505/2,450mm
cycle time: 9.2 m
Mouth size (front / back): 5.0Jx15 / 5.0Jx15
Tire size (front/rear): 175/55R15 / 175/55R15
Towing capacity – braking (at a slope of 12%): 200kg
Trailer loading – unbraked: 100kg
Maintenance intervals: 20,000 km
Try the base price of the car including discount offers from: 14,680.00 euros or 15,780 with automatic CVT
Try car prices including discount offers from: 16,570.00 euros

Electronic aids such as lane departure warning system, emergency brake assist with pedestrian detection, collision warning system with emergency brake or high beam assist are optionally available depending on the model variant. Ghost builds on the basic hardware with a few exciting additions. These include four speakers, Bluetooth interface with hands-free kit, digital radio reception (DAB), air conditioning, infotainment system, CD/MP3 player, USB interface and central locking with radio remote control . In addition, you can expect electrically adjustable exterior mirrors, hill start assist and light and rain sensors.
If you want to customize your Space Star, you can use Mitsubishi’s optional original equipment and further enhance the design.

Mitsubishi offers a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty at no extra charge. This makes the maintenance costs countable and definitely doesn’t mess up the residual value if you want to resell it within the warranty period.

Conclusion: Small car marks and bicycle conclusion

Mitsubishi Space Star scores for its attractive design, comprehensive safety systems and modern connectivity. We were really surprised how much space the little one provides with a length of 3.70 meters and a width of 1.67 meters. Since many manufacturers are leaving this segment, the Space Star represents a great alternative at a good price. The small car can score points for many intelligent detailed solutions, a good infotainment system, low consumption and low maintenance costs in general. A five-year new car warranty including free mobility warranty is already included in the base price of 10,380 euros.