SUV theft: three suspects arrested following police chase

SUV theft: three suspects arrested following police chase

Trois-Rivières police officers have arrested three suspects following the theft of a sports car.

Around 1:10 p.m. on Tuesday, a citizen of Savoie Street contacted the police following an attempted theft of his Jeep Wrangler. A car alarm would scare off thieves.

Patrollers shuffled around and positioned themselves strategically, monitoring highway routes.

At approximately 2:30 a.m., while patrol officers were still on the lookout near Highway 40/55, a Jeep Cherokee pulled up on top of the patrol car, closely followed by a Dodge Caravan.

In front of the police, the SUV accelerated very quickly on Highway 40 West towards Montreal. Faced with this unusual behavior, the police placed themselves behind the Jeep Cherokee, as it sped away from the police. A request for assistance was made to Sûreté du Québec patrol officers at the Louiseville station.

When the laying of the mat failed to stop the car that was running, the search continued for a distance of 15 kilometers until the car that was running ran out of gas.

Trois-Rivières patrol police officers, assisted by their colleagues from the SQ, then proceeded to arrest the suspect, who did not offer any resistance. Moments later, patrol officers intercepted a Dodge Caravan, which was closely following the stolen vehicle, along with the arrest of its two occupants.

The three suspects were taken to police headquarters to be questioned by investigators. They are two people aged 19 and one 20, both from the Montreal area. Two of them have pending cases for the same offence.

The three suspects appeared today via video link on charges of car theft, fleeing, dangerous driving and possession of burglary tools. Following these incidents, three complaints were filed for the theft of an SUV that also occurred last night. They are two Acura RDX and Honda Pilot.