Suzuki announces the arrival of a new electric motorcycle, but Brazil is left out

Suzuki announces the arrival of a new electric motorcycle, but Brazil is left out

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Suzuki’s new electric motorcycle may arrive soon, however South American countries will be left out. The company has started its plans to achieve carbon neutrality.

Last Thursday of this month (26), Suzuki officially announced its strategy aimed at achieving carbon neutrality in various regions of the world. For Japan and European countries, the automaker says it plans to reach this goal by 2050. For India, this goal is a little further, in 2070. So far, the Japanese automaker has not made any announcements in other regions, so , initially there are no plans to supply electricity to the national market. At least not in terms of electric motorcycles.

Suzuki announces that it will introduce its first electric motorcycle in 2024

Having an overall goal in mind is important, but a company that has essentially built models powered by polluting fuels to this point must take many steps and decisions to achieve net neutrality. This means that Suzuki claims it will bring a battery-only electric motorcycle to market in mid-2024.

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It will undoubtedly be a mid-sized or small car, however the company has not released any details about the car at this time. In general, the Japanese automaker says that its plans are to launch 8 electric models on the market by fiscal year 2030, a year in which 25% of its sales must be represented by sustainable vehicles.

With regard to large displacement motorcycles that are usually used for leisure, Suzuki says that it is considering the use of fuel that is neutral in terms of emissions, which may include hydrogen, ethanol or even synthetic fuel.

Brazil will be left out

THE electricity supply plan of the car manufacturer, however, does not include areas of South Americathus leaving Brazil out of this sustainable plan.

In the country, there are still conditions to multiply, the first of which is that the brand has been controlled for many years by an independent importer, the J. Toledo Group, which may or may not choose to follow the same path as the parent. company in terms of motorcycles.electricity. The second term is that Suzuki in Brazil focuses only on motorcycles with a large displacement, especially models whose head office still does not have defined electrification plans.

It is important to mention that the Japanese automaker still works in other areas, for example, cars, so the company’s plans will begin to be implemented in 2023 in its country of origin of cars and next year in India and Europe.

Suzuki’s carbon reduction strategy in the Indian market also includes compressed natural gas (CNG), blended fuel ethanol and biogas in some four-wheelers.

The company closes a deal related to natural gas in India

The automaker has also outlined plans to revamp other parts of its business to meet its carbon neutrality targets. This includes outboard motors, general production processes and electric mobility. Additionally, the carmaker is also directly involved in the natural gas business in India, which will be produced from cow dung.

The company is also analyzing the use of these processes in its country of origin. Depending on how things go, Suzuki says it may also expand its natural gas interests to Africa Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), and also for Japan.

It is important to mention that for more than 100 years the company has invested in technology and innovation to create the best cars and motorcycles for those who love to drive.