Suzuki Hayabusa 2022 (3rd generation) – user reviews and media

Suzuki Hayabusa 2022 (3rd generation) – user reviews and media

The Suzuki Hayabusa GSXR1300R is a legendary and unique hypersport motorcycle. It has been awakening dreams since 1999, and the latest generation combines great power with a unique design and advanced electronics. Learn more about Hayabus.

Suzuki Hayabusa has always been synonymous with high technology among motorcycles since the first generation in 1999. Top 200 thousand Hayabusa plays has gained customers in the last 23 years, but this model is more than just that great power either true world speed maximum. Over the years, the Suzuki Hayabusa has been primarily a sports bike, but also for many a tourist, drag bike or foundation to build on custom.

Hayabuses of the 1st and 2nd generation – photo by

In 2008, the more powerful and refined Hayabusa was presented second generationi) The development method of this motorcycle was based on the principle of “more and better”. That Hayabusa – with a great value four-cylinder engine with almost 200 horsepower – had the spirit of the GSX1300R. In 2021 Suzuki has raised the bar once again. The latest 3rd generation Hayabusa it had a modern package of electronic assistants and an improved drive unit, which – as is appropriate in our environmental time – meets the Euro5 emission standard.

What to say about the newest Hayabus they have users, fans example and journalists motorcycle media from around the world?

3rd Generation Hayabusa – Motogen’s editing experiments editors also tested the 3rd generation Hayabusa in several different events! Must see:

Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa 3rd gen – media reviews

We collected the most interesting comments from major media outlets from around the world, considering whether each of the reviewers had the opportunity to test drive the new Hayabusa for themselves. What did they say?

The biggest advantage of the new Hayabusa? A complete line of electronic amplifiers. Whether you like them or not, they won’t bother you. In fact, instead of reducing the driver’s motivation, they will allow driving even more. If you only want!”Simon Hargreaves from

The Hayabusa is not a sports bike that we are meant to race. It’s the ultimate bike built for style and speed, however you interpret it. Some Suzukis will dismount, throw in the turbo and run ¼ miles or break speed records. Some will put a long wishbone and the fattest tire they can find on this bike. They’ll add chrome, airbrush and shine on a night out in the big city. The Hayabusa will also find its place on the racetrack, in the daily commute and Sunday outings. And that’s what hypersport is called“- Greg Drevenstedt of Rider Magazine.

The new Hayabusa doesn’t do anything revolutionary, but the differences in engine, chassis and electronics make it a modern motorcycle for the next decade. The sharper design may look like an old GSX-R, but it still is The unparalleled Hayabusa. Now brighter and better“- Rohit Paradkar from Overdrive.

From 2021, the new Hayabusa returns to showrooms. It looks as stunning as its predecessor, but many modifications make it a completely different bike. A motorcycle that is unbelievably fun to ride“- Laura Thomson of Goodwood.

Has Suzuki built a motorcycle worthy of the Hayabusa name? Given that the third generation is long-lasting, versatile, user-friendly and super-fast devices – Yes! The new Hayabusa is a flesh and blood Hayabusa“- Kartikeya Singhee, Zigwheels.

I have to admit that I didn’t feel nervous at all when I missed the parking spot and at 257 km / h I had to trust the brakes. The rear of the motorcycle jumped happily but gently when decelerating, and the feel on the brake handle allowed me to brake freely under the apex and roll into the first turn of the track. This is what Hayabusa is“- Ron Lieback from UltimateMotorcycling.

It may be a child of the 90s, but even by today’s standards, the third generation Hayabusa is like a spaceship.“- Michael Neeves of MCN.

3rd generation Hayabusa – user reviews

The new generation of Suzuki Hayabusa has been on the market since 2021, so we have added user feedback and Custom opinions of other motorcycle owners or examples previous generations.

I have ridden almost every modern sport bike and for the last 25 years I have mostly used “lighter” machines with 1000 cc engines. I was looking for a change because I dreamed of traveling and needed reliability and comfort. Supersports are fast, but not suitable for long trips over a thousand kilometers. […] At the same time The 3rd generation Hayabusa can do anything: from aggressive driving, to highway drifting and even comfortable city driving. This bike is available to meet my needs – no matter what they are. It is in a class of its own, a real white crow among current motorcycles” – Matt Sword Silver on MCN.

“I once had the pleasure of riding a first generation Hayabusa. I had a light bike at the time (Suzuki SV650N) and it I found Hayabusa to be much nicer and more stable. I was driving slowly, about hundreds per hour. Only later did the owner of the Suzuki mention that the odometer is in miles…” – cm2xc on YouTube.

“Yes, it is in a unique class. You can drive at high speed and have in mind that you will easily get off the bike and stand next to you at any time”- C_M on YouTube.

In my opinion, brand a motorcycle Hayabusa can be compared to GT cars. Strong, big, solid, with a sporty flair. It’s perfect for devouring the miles quickly and creating style on the street. I like devices like that”- Jakub Szyc.

Motorcycle Grand Turismo – Suzuki GSXR1300R Hayabusa III generation

The comparison with the GT car is certainly fair. The new generation of Suzuki Hayabusa is universal hypersport. No one will pass by Hayabusa regardless. Any motorcyclist who has had the opportunity to ride this Suzuki will be shocked, because this two-wheeled “spaceship” is surprisingly easy and predictable. Add to that performance with a package of sophisticated and human-assistive electronics, with traction control and adaptive driving modes at the forefront.

The Suzuki Hayabusa is available in three colors from Suzuki Motor Poland’s Polish dealer network. Prices for the 2022 model start at PLN 87,900. More information on the website

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