Suzuki Moto Szkoa 2022. What has changed in motorcycle training in recent years?

Suzuki Moto Szkoa 2022. What has changed in motorcycle training in recent years?

When I was asked to participate in the Suzuki Moto Jastrząb Track School, I thought for 5 seconds that I should not be easy and said “Yes!” Remembering last years edition, I happily went to Szydłowiec to polish my skills.


Suzuki is a brand that cares about its customers not only at the stage of purchasing a motorcycle, but above all through various types of campaigns and advertisements. For example, those who are more agile can repair their motorcycles at a lower cost during “Spring in February”, where the basic prices of parts can be surprising, let alone those after being reduced. There are also special discount programs and finally the Suzuki Moto School, which has been operating for 16 years and has been run by the JC Group for 12 years. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Janusz Czaja is a great teacher. He has been training for many years and has a way that if you hold his hand and start talking, you will feel like you are with a friend you haven’t seen in a long time. At the same time, you will come out rich with a solid share of knowledge and skills.

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Suzuki GSX-S1000. My motorcycle for training

Thanks to Dominika, with whom our customers enjoy working and who stops us, I rode the Jastrząb Track in the saddle of the GSX-S1000 model. It’s been 8 years since my last Suzuki training, when I test rode the GSR 750. Since then, I’ve gotten a lot of kilometers in the saddle of various equipment, but I have as much sport driving as my father does with the Mercedes, maybe a little more. There was a wide range of equipment in training – from the old SV, through the GSX-R, a strong representation of the V-Stroms, to the GSX-S1000GT. I also saw the presence of tanks like Hayabusa or B-King. So if motorcycles are an excuse / obstacle for you to participate in the Suzuki Moto School, then you should definitely look for something better.

What are the classes at Suzuki Moto Szkoła like?
See everything in the tutorial video at Jastrząb Song

The Suzuki GSX-S1000 has 152 HP of power, a quick shifter that works on both sides, ABS, traction control and the possibility to change the operating mode and of course the drive by wire, and the option to set the electric transmission through the A channel ., B or C, where A is for the fearless, and C is for those who don’t need a whole herd of horses at their disposal. As befits a fourth row, the acceleration is smooth, there is no question of shaking or other strange behavior. It is a motorcycle that you can ride, ride, and if necessary, forgive you for these small mistakes. At least that’s how it stayed in my memory.

Suzuki Moto High School from JC Group

As I headed to Szydłowiec early in the morning, I expected to spend the day alternating between my colleagues. I entered the booth, registered, took gingerbread and attended the meeting. When Janusz Czaja started the presentation and started the lecture on cornering, types of peaks (peaks) and so on, I realized that the training formula had changed a lot. After explaining the theory, it was time to practice in groups. Mine were very intimate as there were only three of us. Thanks to this, the teacher could watch us more closely and give useful tips after going down the hole path. The knowledge was delivered in phases and on each trip we practiced a different aspect of cornering, and then put it together. After lunch, it was time for a free run. Of course, the teachers traveled with us and if someone made a mistake or had any tips, they showed them with clear and simple signs. Some of them were placed in a civil style in various places on the track and, if possible, they also showed what we have to improve in a certain corner.

Can this training be transferred to the street? As Janusz Czaja says – everything is a matter of thinking. Of course, on a public road we have speed limits, traffic, land barriers, pedestrians and so on, but not about turning in each direction. Sometimes it is enough to introduce at least some practices to make driving more enjoyable and safer for us and other road users. So if you are thinking of participating in the Suzuki Moto School, believe me there is nothing to do, because it will be a very good and important time. There are still a few sessions left until the end of the season, so check the Suzuki website and book your place.

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