Suzuki sells motorcycles online.  Currently, it does so in only one country

Suzuki sells motorcycles online. Currently, it does so in only one country

Suzuki is slowly rolling out the Smart Buy platform in Europe, which allows you to buy your chosen car of this brand online. However, this does not mean resigning from the dealer network, as showrooms will continue to play an important role in the sales process and customer service.

Suzuki Smart Buy is an online platform that allows you to book a vehicle and complete the purchase at the store of your choice. From the point of view of customers, it is easy, because thanks to this, it is not necessary to browse advertising sites or call each dealer separately, and for showrooms it is a trusted customer who also accepted the price of the motorcycle without negotiation with. made an advance payment. With a typical collection of leads, that is, contact information from people who are interested in buying or driving a car, sales opportunities are much smaller. Of course, the actor offered various types of offers, eg for the purchase of equipment of certain models. The Suzuki Smart Buy service is currently only available in Italy, where it allows you to buy a car, and in France, where it allows you to buy a motorcycle.

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How does it work? You must reserve the car, make an advance payment, which will go to the account of the selected salon. In the case of the French platform and motorcycles, the amount of the advance payment is 500 euros. After receiving the e-mail and confirmation of the advance payment on the account, the salon will contact the customer within two days and then the transaction will be completed. If the transaction is not completed within 30 days, the customer can ask the salon to refund the money paid in advance. If you want to see how the service works and the site looks like, take a look

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