Suzuki Swift from time to time.  It’s amazing how much these cars look alike

Suzuki Swift from time to time. It’s amazing how much these cars look alike

Despite the flood of all kinds of SUVs and crossovers, the B segment is doing quite well. Popular city cars still find buyers eagerly. Responsible for this state of affairs, among others. reasonable price for the possibilities offered by the special lack of visibility. B-segment cars don’t pretend to be anything. They will work mainly in the city. New Suzuki Quick it also does nothing. First things first…

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Almost 40 years of history

The first phase of the Japanese city speaker started in 1983. Mwepesi mk. And it was the so-called international car. What did that mean? Availability in many markets, which was to announce success. Unfortunately, in Europe, this Japanese city car did not sell well. Consumers preferred local construction, which was prevalent in the 1980s.

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The first Swift was nothing. The car was angular, released in a 3- or 5-door version, and was completely lost in the automotive and urban climate of the time. The interior wasn’t hijacked, either, which wasn’t meant to be. Even the tachometer and rear side windows were richer. The standard included the steering wheel, wheels, seats and trunk. The car was used to get from point A to B and it performed well in this role.

Suzuki Swift from time to timeSuzuki Swift from time to time photo by Pawe³ Kaczor

What was under the hood? 1 liter R3 petrol engine or 1.3 cylinder four cylinder. The basic version had 50 HP, and the most powerful variant, not counting the GTI variant (yes, it was such a miracle), as 73 HP. It is worth adding that the car weighed less than 700 kg, so the less powerful engines dealt with the car not being too heavy. Of interest was the optional 4-speed automatic gearbox. Its advantages began and ended with the driver not having to press the clutch. Speed ​​of action? Want to save fuel? And who would have thought of it…

Suzuki Swift mk. And it was a very nondescript car. It was and still is. Although meeting such a car on the border road today is almost a miracle. The model shown in the photo is one of the few (you can count them on the fingers of one hand) first Swifts on our roads. The car is slowly gaining value, but it cannot be called a cult classic. At least not in Europe.

Suzuki Swift from time to timeSuzuki Swift from time to time photo by Pawe³ Kaczor

Surprisingly, what is similar?

The production of the first version of Suzuki Swift was stopped very quickly, after 6 years in 1989. Despite the great technological speed that took place for more than 30 years, the newest incarnation of the Japanese bourgeoisie is surprisingly similar to its ancestor.

The new, or rather the currently released (car shown in 2017), Swift, like its predecessor, is not a car that attracts attention. The exterior design is neutral, although there were also stylish accents in the form of LED daytime running lights or a two-tone body. About the body. The new Swift is only available as a 5-door version. Is it wrong? No! 3-door city cars have been on the fringes of sales for a while, and a convertible version (yes, there was a Swift) would be an absolute craze.

The interior of the currently offered Suzuki city brings to mind a car from several or even a dozen or so years ago. It is true that the multimedia system is extensive and relies on a touch screen in the middle of the dashboard, but the rest is analog. An interesting analog.

Digital clocks? None of these things! Here we are dealing with normal dials and not less than normal hands. It is readable and accurate. The speed of modern times is trying to put a small, color screen of the on-board computer, which works with … plastic “sticks” known from many modern cars. There is weather!

Soft armchairs, hard plastic and general quality of work at the right level no longer create atmosphere. The new Swift is a classic B segment car. See it, hear it and feel it. What? Will we get modern signs and modern technology development in the driving system? Yes and no. What do I mean exactly?

Suzuki Swift from time to timeSuzuki Swift from time to time photo by Pawe³ Kaczor

Suzuki Swift from time to timeSuzuki Swift from time to time photo by Pawe³ Kaczor

A smooth hybrid that is…

The current Swift engine range has only one component. There is a 1.2 SHVS version which in Suzuki terms means hybrid system. But is the current Suzuki Swift a hybrid? It is not. The Suzuki Swift currently available is the so-called mild hybrid. What does this mean in practice? Unable to drive on an electric motor and a comprehensive electrical installation that confidently supports the start and stop system.

The Japanese 1.2-liter engine does not have a fashionable turbocharger. It has, however, 4 cylinders arranged in a row. It was standard. Today, in this class of cars is to see increasingly rare. The naturally aspirated engine does not surprise the competition with its performance. 90 HP in conjunction with a 5-speed manual transmission (optional CVT) accelerates the Swift to 100 km / h in more than 12 seconds. However, this naturally aspirated unit has other advantages.

Suzuki Swift from time to timeSuzuki Swift from time to time photo by Pawe³ Kaczor

The first is work culture. 3 turbo engines can and do have more power and torque, but they sound like lawnmowers. In addition, you can feel the characteristic vibrations when idling. Japanese R4 does not have this disease.

Another very positive aspect is the reaction to the movements of the right leg. It is true that the 90 HP Swift is not a sports car, but the lack of any delay and the quick response to the gas clearly distinguish the naturally aspirated engine from the turbocharged units.

Suzuki Swift from time to timeSuzuki Swift from time to time photo by Pawe³ Kaczor

It would seem that it will not be very good in the medium combustion category. New engines with technological improvements burn less, or at least less than the old, larger ones. 1.2 How much does the SHVS Suzuki pull? Average 5.7 liters per 100 km! This is a good result that is normal and does not require a whole host of sacrifices when it comes to driving style. Speaking of driving…

Many manufacturers boast in their brochures about the average driving pleasure in new models. This joy is also reinforced by many automotive journalists in their writings. Does the 90 hp Swift give you above average driving pleasure? It is not. This car is very common in daily use. As always said – it drives, turns and brakes and is very good.

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There are few such cars…

The modern, new and currently available Suzuki Swift is not a multimedia car. There is no high-tech multimedia system and a large number of systems that try to disable the driver’s thinking. The new Suzuki Swift also does not have a turbocharged engine. It is true that it has smooth hybrid technology, but the rest is the basis of a program that has been known for years.

There will probably be people who will confidently point out that the current Swift shakes the mouse and is a bit of a modern car. No doubt there is a lot of truth in this. However, the Suzuki Swift is essentially a city car by definition. He fails to pretend, he doesn’t try to be fashionable, and he always comes out defensively from assigned, low-level tasks. It was like that several years ago and it is the same now!