System 1: Again chaos in Ferrari

System 1: Again chaos in Ferrari

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Opponents on the field: Carlos Sainz (left) landed in front of Charles Leclerc in England as a result of the team’s strategy. © IMAGO / Gongora

Scuderia allowed the “bad” driver to defeat the British GP in Silverstone. Now the blessings of the house in Ferrari are no longer appropriate.

Munich – This is only available in the Scuderia Ferrari: Their driver Carlos Sainz won in Silverstone – and still the situation in the Italian Formula 1 team is on the ground.

Background: The “bad” Ferrari driver won the England Grand Prix. At a safety car station shortly before the end of the race, World Championship chief Charles Leclerc was left out, with teammate Sainz fitted with new soft tires, similar to the other drivers in the group. The result: Leclerc “starved” with his hard tires and, despite heroic opposition, finished only four last. “They took the victory from Leclerc,” says former Formula 1 driver Marc Surer, “I was stunned.”

System 1: Schumacher was surprised by Ferrari’s strategy – “It can’t be bad”

Astronomer Ralf Schumacher sees the same thing. Former F1 star: “It doesn’t get any better. Leclerc was better placed than Sainz at the World Cup. In a close-knit fight with world champion Max Verstappen, you had to do everything to make sure he brought home victory – especially on the day Verstappen had problems.

Not surprisingly, the Dutchman, who by using the defective Red Bull just finished seventh, smiled with Ferrari’s false words: “The fight against Ferrari is tough, so every step is necessary. So today I was lucky in my tragedy. ” Signed by numbers, that means: Verstappen lost just six World Cup points.If Ferrari did everything right, it would be 20. Before the Red Bull home race in Spielberg on Sunday, the Dutchman leads the World Cup table with a lead Vergappen Leclerc is 43 points behind and is just 11 points ahead of Sainz, who is in close contact with Monegasque due to his talented victory. Former team boss Eddie Jordan sums up Ferrari’s situation sarcastically. The Irishman: “If you have Ferrari strategists like Leclerc as friends, you no longer need enemies.”

Who is attached to whom?  As for Ferrari, a World Cup candidate, the shaft goes through a mechanics team
Who is attached to whom? As for Ferrari, a World Cup candidate, the shaft goes through a mechanics team. © Sports Photos / Imago

Question 1: Does Ferrari allow a “bad” driver to win – to be divided into teams?

The situation in Scuderia is now at an all-time low. Leclerc stayed in London overtime to avoid flying with the team. Ferrari had already ruined Leclerc’s chances of winning by making the wrong decision to stop the hole in Monaco.

Former Scuderia spokesman Alberto Antonini also reports on major unrest in Ferrari. The Italian, who worked under his predecessor Mattia Binotto Maurizio Arrivabene and was responsible for Sebastian Vettel this time, reports a split in the team. Disappointed, some Ferrari employees previously refused to take part in the stage event with winner Carlos Sainz Jr.

Ferrari System 1 Analysis in Silverstone: That says team team Binotto

Apparently the staff did not want to celebrate the race victory at first. “I was told – and I believe the source – a bad period that happened immediately after the Silverstone race,” wrote Antonini on “Health competition in the garage is the same, it’s okay for every mechanic and every technician to cheer for the ‘their’ driver, but a common goal should be the goal of victory.”

Team boss Binotto looks overwhelmed. Regarding the breakdown of Silverstone (Ticker F1 read), he says: “Looking back, we are always smarter.” One thing is for sure: Ferrari has a great car and a Leclerc driver with whom you can win the world championship. At the Grand Prix in Austria, they must now do everything they can to win Leclerc’s sympathy again. Will that succeed? Some doubt this. This is how former Ferrari driver Gerhard Berger judges: “Once again you drove yourself. This reminds me of my time when chaos reigned. That’s why I see blacks for the World Cup. “