System 1 |  Aston Martin, Blandin believes in it: “We believe we are on the right track”

System 1 | Aston Martin, Blandin believes in it: “We believe we are on the right track”

L’Aston Martin he wants to climb the ranks and compete with the top teams in the coming years. The process of the Silverstone team is very long, also because the freeze on the performance of the power units does not allow an increase in engine power until 2026. So we will work on the mechanical part, and AMR23 which promises to be very different from the previous car. Structures are constantly changing, as technical departments appreciate the hiring of new employees and the possibility of using valuable resources.

“We put it all together – said Eric Blandin, assistant technical director of Aston Martin. I’m talking about the car, the people and the resources: you can feel the power, and if we can’t do things right this year or next, we will finally reach our goal maybe in the future. There is a strong feeling in the team, we are sure that we are on the right path: it will take a few years to be competitive and compete with other bosses, but soon we will have everything we need, there will be no more excuses. “.

“If we make a mistake with the car, we have to work together to find a solution. First understand why it is not working, where the problems are and find out how to fix them based on what we analyze and learn. Nothing is impossible, we can overcome everything as a team. Of course there is always a risk, because Formula 1 cars are very complex, a kind of puzzle, but you have to trust the available information, your experience and your instincts. No one can know everything, but you have to believe in yourself and that you are in the right direction”. has been selected by the new Google News service,
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