System 1: The team with the cryptic announcement – THAT is behind it

System 1: The team with the cryptic announcement – THAT is behind it

Inside of formula 1 The Alfa Romeo racing team made a splash with an announcement on Thursday (September 22).

The team plans to announce something on September 27. Alfa Romeo has yet to reveal what it is about. However, fans of formula 1 already imagine what is behind it.

Formula 1: Audi’s offer on the home range

“Announcement coming soon… stay tuned,” writes Alfa Romeo on Twitter, sharing a photo that says “Something’s coming” along with the date 09/27/22. So the Sauber team wants to announce something next week – what?

The racing team has long been associated with the entry of the German car brand Audi. It has been clear for a few weeks: Audi is entering Formula 1 – in what way has not been known until now.

So many fans are expecting the announcement of the Audi contract. According to information from “‘ you are correct in your assumption. Further research would show that.

Formula 1: Audi entry set – take on Sauber team. Photo: IMAGO / Sven Simon

Audi replaces Alfa Romeo

However, it is still unclear how important the data of the Audi plan is. The team, founded in 1993 by Peter Sauber, is currently owned by Tetra Pak millionaire Finn Rausing. Alfa Romeo has been a household name since 2019.

The contract with Alfa Romeo ends in 2023, and with the entry of Audi, the car brand will disappear from Formula 1 for now. However, we will probably get more details on September 27.

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While Audi’s entry is final, another VW subsidiary is still struggling. The deal between Red Bull and Porsche recently fell through (more on the background here!).