Tacho Scam: The Golf and Audi A3 are well protected

Tacho Scam: The Golf and Audi A3 are well protected

It drives as confidently as you’d expect from a VW Golf.
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The VW Golf 8 and Audi A3 are well protected against speedometer fraud. ADAC has now announced this.

ADAC talks about the change of trend regarding speedometer fraud in the VW Golf 8 from the year of construction 2019 and the Audi A3 (from 2020). These models are better protected against speedometer hacking than other models, according to the auto club in a press release Monday.

As ADAC’s market research has shown, the service providers known for controlling speedometers have not yet made any corresponding offers. This is not unusual for a long time after the market launch of these two models of the compact class.

HSM is used

ADAC sees the reason for this in computer chips with a Hardware Security Module (HSM) that has been in demand for a long time. HSM is used for mileage protection methods. The module can encode the kilometer data in such a way that it cannot be easily changed later. In addition, “increased encryption has increased the security of the data set, making forgery more difficult,” according to ADAC. Similar technology is also used by Audi in the current A4 and A6 models.

As VW announced at ADAC’s request, signs of speedometer fraud would now be systematically monitored and then dealt with. In this way, new attacks should be quickly protected. With the introduction of new models from 2023, VW is planning additional measures to prevent being deceived by the so-called kilometer filters. According to ADAC, VW Golf 8 and Audi A3 are also among the first models in case of keyless theft. They are better protected than the other 500 vehicles that ADAC has examined so far.

According to the Motor Club, speedometer fraud can also be prevented with Connect technology: almost all new cars already have a SIM card permanently installed. In addition to many other data, the SIM also transmits the mileage from time to time to the manufacturer.

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