Take care of your body and mind at the Balingen Health Days

Take care of your body and mind at the Balingen Health Days

Since 2012, the trade fair has brought together the health sector in the exhibition hall, as Martin Kiesling from the Allgäu Event Center informed at a press conference in the town hall of Balingen. This year again, 70 exhibitors, most of whom are from the region, are participating in the health days.

Balingen mayor and trade fair patron Helmut Reitemann emphasized that a variety of offers can be found in the crowded area this weekend. The theme has also gained importance as a result of this pandemic: “Health is still very important.”

Nutrition is an important issue

One goal this year is nutrition. For example, nutritionists and alternative practitioners are on the site and the platform program also takes the topic. On Saturday, for example, a panel discussion from 12.45pm will focus on children’s eating habits, and a lecture from 2pm will be given on bowel problems.

Experts are on site

This is also what makes trade fairs special: after the lectures or discussion rounds on the platform, the experts are still there. Interested parties can directly inquire and get more information from them.

In addition to sports and physical fitness as well as life in and aging, topics related to the human musculoskeletal system are covered. The Sunday lecture, for example, starts at 3:30 in the morning and is about preventing falls. On the same day, five experts will take the “way back to health” in a panel discussion.

For the first time playing on the expert stage

Sunday’s program includes an innovation: the play will be performed for the first time. This takes up the topic of dementia.

Mental health is also addressed

That also plays a role in “fit & health”: psyche or mental health. One starting point is the position of self-help groups in the district. “After the diagnosis you quickly fall into a big hole. Then there are possible questions,” said Heinz Weisser, chairman of the self-help speaker’s council in the district of Zollernalb. Anxiety and depression can also be caused by inflation and war. “Our powerful teams are catching the sick.”

19 out of 60 teams will be performing on both days. Visitors receive information about others and these on the touch terminal.

Health and climate are together

Eveline Blank, spokesperson for AOK Neckar-Alb, said that health and climate are connected. Among other things, the campaign “By bike to work” will be known on the stand, “which, by the way, has been there for 20 years.” It was clear to him: “Whoever does something for his health. also does something for the climate.”

In addition, there are tried and tested things at the fair: a health course, a free testosterone check for men on Sundays and a demo surgery directly from Acura’s special clinic in Albstadt. In addition, an information truck from the Telemedicine Coordination Center provides insight into digitalization in the healthcare sector.

Information: The “fit & health” event will be held on Saturday and Sunday, April 22 and 23. It is open from 11 am to 5 pm.