Team Iron Dames and Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO2

Team Iron Dames and Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO2

The Iron Dames, an all-female team that can beat anyone.


In 2018, Deborah Mayer, a businessman, chairwoman of the FIA ​​Women in Sports Commission (WIM), who also raced herself, founded the Iron Dames team. This project aims to support women in motor sports at all levels. from female players to mechanics, engineers and managers. The Iron Dames are a pink Lamborghini Huracán GT3 EVO2 and four racers in pink racing suits – won’t you take them seriously on the track? Then you will lose.

Iron Dames – iron women of motorsport

They say about themselves that they are women driven by dreams. The Iron Ladies behind the wheel of the #83 pink Lambo show unwavering determination on the track: “We have proven that we can beat anyone– they say together. They add:We are strong and we are fighters. And slowly but surely, we are changing the mindset of this game.” From the youngest, 19-year-old Doriane Pin, to the oldest, Rahel Frey, 36, they share one vision: “Well, we wear pink overalls, but when we put on our helmets, we are athletes who want to win. Nothing extra“.

Iron Dames (photo: media kit)

Iron Dames operated by Italian company Iron Lynx

Iron Dames is a project led by Iron Lynx, the Italian racing team chosen by Lamborghini Squadra Corse as the operating team for the IMSA Endurance Cup 2023, which will participate as an official FIA WEC team from 2024 with Lamborghini LMDh, in GT3 competitions and LMDh in Europe and the United States.

Iron Dames (photo: media kit)

Iron Dames – not only pink, but also capable

Four members of the team: Rahel Frey, Michelle Gatting, Sarah Bovy and Doriane Pin change places in the cockpit of the car during the long endurance race.

Rahel Frey, 36, is the oldest Iron Dames competitor and was the first woman to win a Formula 3 race in Germany. A professional driver since 2011, he is considered one of the strongest players in the field, with 71 podium finishes, 19 wins, seven pole positions and 22 fastest lap records. He is not only the driver, but also the project manager of the Iron Dames, overseeing their development, physical and mental training, and the testing program. “In the world of racing, I don’t like to think about the duality of man and woman. We get into the car and we want to be faster, just like everyone elsesays Frey.

Michelle Gatting was born in Denmark twenty-nine years ago and already has a lot of success in single-seater go-karts: 14 race wins, 61 podium finishes and 8 positions in her career so far. “A lot has changed since my beginning. Now I walk around the paddock, greet male opponents and feel their respect. We have proven that we can win“.

Sarah Bovy was born in Belgium thirty-three years ago. As the 2013 Touring Car Champion and the first woman to finish on the World Series podium, she is in her third season with the Iron Ladies.Disadvantages of being a woman in a song? The fact that when our colleagues are in the process of passing us, they attack us a lot with their cunning. I think that for some people, being beaten by a woman is still seen as an ego injury“.

Doriane Pin, although the youngest in the Iron Dames, looks promising for the future: the 19-year-old French has already stood on the podium many times in the GT3 Michelin Le Mans race. Out of 30 races in his career, he has achieved six wins, 12 podiums and four pole positions. “I started when I was nine years old, thanks to my father. In 2019, I was already the French champion“- he says.

Four women. Four stories. Fist? Neither the gender nor the color of the suit shows skill on the track.