Ted Peugeot: Ruthless official blocks the start / Sidecar World Championship

Ted Peugeot: Ruthless official blocks the start / Sidecar World Championship

The journey to the sixth weekend of the Sidecar World Championship at Donington ended for Ted and Vincent Peugeot in Calais. The customs officer was strict and sent the father-son team home.

So far the season has been going well for Ted and Vincent Peugeot of Team FHC. Only in the first race at Le Mans did the unusual pair, in which the father does not sit on the sticks but in the boat, had to accept failure, after which only the 18-year-old Frenchman placed himself at the top. points.

Peugeot/Peugeot crossed the finish line twice with their LCR Yamaha in eighth and sixth place, four times the team from Pont-de-Roide-Vermondans celebrated fifth place and in the last race at the Automotodrom Grobnik they missed fourth place their podium first. finish in the World Championship race by a hair’s breadth.

Fifth in the provisional classification of the world championship, the ambitious Frenchman wanted to score the most important points in Donington. But it will not come to that. By the time you got to the ferry terminal in Calais, it was already over. A customs officer stopped the crossing after discovering that Ted Peugeot’s passport had expired.

“Ted and I’s passports were issued in 2017. Mine is still valid for another five years, but because my son was still a minor when he applied, it expired after five years in April, which has been a problem when entering the UK since Brexit. Unfortunately, we overlooked that,” mother Marie admitted to SPEEDWEEK.com.

“We tried everything to change the officer’s mind. We showed him Ted’s ID and driver’s license and told him how important it is for us to participate in the World Championship race at Donington. Unfortunately, all our pleas and arguments did not help. The only thing left for us was to start our journey home without finding anything.”

World Cup Standings (after ten of 16 races)
1. Todd Ellis/Emmanuelle Clement (GB/F), Yamaha LCR, 210 points. 2. Markus Schlosser/Marcel Fries (CH), Yamaha LCR, 194. 3. Stephen Kershaw/Ryan Charlwood (GB), Yamaha LCR, 150 4. Lukas Wyssen/Thomas Hofer (CH), Yamaha LCR, 101. 5. Ted Peugeot/Vincent Peugeot (F), Yamaha LCR, 6/93 Bennie Streuer/Kevin Kölsch (NL/D), Yamaha Adolf RS, 7 /91 Harry Payne/Mark Wilkes (GB), Yamaha LCR, 8/73 .Tim Reeves/Kevin Rousseau (GB/F), Yamaha Adolf RS, 68.9 Claude Vinet/Sébastien Arifon (F), Yamaha LCR, 58.10 Kevin Cable/ Charlie Richardson (GB), Yamaha LCR, 49. Also: 17th Janez Remse/Manbergerred Wechsel (SLO/A), Yamaha Adolf RS, 16th 19 Markus Schwegler/Ondrej Kopecky (D/CZ), Yamaha LCR, 10th 20th Peter Kimeswenger/ Ondrej Sedlacek (A/CZ ), Yamaha LCR, 9.