Ten months into 2022 are behind us – how were new car sales during this period?  – French.pl

Ten months into 2022 are behind us – how were new car sales during this period? – French.pl

It’s November, which means we’ve already completed ten full months of new car registrations. Which brands are interesting to us, what results were achieved in October and how many cars were registered in each of them in the general period? Here are classifieds from a list sent to our editorial office by trusted people IBRM Samar.

Toyota is in first place, and its results are almost twice as high since the beginning of the year than Škoda, the second in the ranking. Kia is the third. Volkswagen, Hyundai, BMW and Mercedes are in the next positions.

Dacia closed the first ten months of this year with the result of 16,954 registered cars, which gives it the eighth place in the list and 4.86% share in the Polish market of new cars in the analyzed period. Dacia’s results are about 28% of what Toyota sold with us. In October, the Romanian brand of the Renault Group found 1,379 buyers, a decrease of 22.09% compared to September, but an increase of 42.02% compared to October 2021. Total sales for ten months also increased – by 7.48%.

The top ten is closed by Audi and Ford, respectively.

He is in eleventh place Renault. During the ten months of the year, 11,734 new cars of this brand entered Polish roads. Compared to the same period last year, this means a decrease of 13.59%. The share of the brand in the Polish market is currently 3.37%. In October, 1,304 new Renault cars were registered in Poland, which is slightly better than Ford, but compared to September it is a decrease of 19.56%. Renault also recorded a drop in relation to October last year – by 12.72%.

It occupies the thirteenth place Opel, surpassed by Volvo. The German brand was bought a few years ago by the PSA Group for ten months this year. sold 8,419 cars in Poland, which is 34.11% less than in the same ten months of 2021. In October of this year, 505 new Opel cars were launched on Polish roads (down 5.43% compared to September), amounting to 64.51 . % less than October last year. Opel’s market share is currently 2.41%.

The brand was classified behind Opel Peugeot. The number of registrations for ten months was 8,182 cars, which is 6.21% lower than the results of the period of 2021. The market share of the brand is 2.35%. In October, 744 new Peugeots appeared on Polish roads, for 31.22% more than in September (probably The new 308s?) and 24.21% more than October last year.

Co-founder of Stellantis concern Fiat it is now ranked 16th with 5,319 vehicles registered in the first ten months of this year. This is 32.01% less than in the corresponding period of 2021, and the market share of the brand is currently 1.53%. October brought only 296 registrations, 60.59% less than September and 66.96% less than October last year.

On the other hand Nissan the Renault-Mitsubishi Alliance segment was seventeenth with ten-month results of 5,016 units. Here, too, we have a drop compared to the previous year – by 23.04%. The brand’s market share is 1.44% today. October brought 402 registrations, 40.00% less than September and 36.19% less than recorded in October 2022.

Brand was in eighteenth place Citroën. The ten-month result is 5,004 registrations – 24.16% less than a year ago in the corresponding period. Citroen currently owns 1.44% of the Polish new car market. In October, 590 new cars with chevrons appeared on Polish roads, which is 9.37% less than in September, but 18.71% more than in October last year.

Among the brands that interest us, we also have the following:
Jeep on 26th place with 1,707 vehicles (down 34.22% year-on-year);
Alfa Romeo 29th place with 1,365 vehicles (up 3.49% year-on-year);
Mitsubishi in 30th place with 1,216 vehicles (down 31.45% year to year).

The brand is ranked 32nd DS cars. In the ten months of 2022, 706 cars of this first brand entered Polish roads, which means an increase of 136.12%. DS Automobiles’ market share is currently 0.20%. However, October was a bad month for this brand – only 52 cars were registered, 46.39% less than in September. However, compared to October last year, we see an increase of 48.57%.

It offers Fiat sports models Abarth ranks 36th with 95 registrations in ten months. This is 3.06% less than last year. October resulted in 9 registrations, equal to an increase of 80.00% compared to September, but a decrease of 30.77% compared to October last year.

An Italian brand that is part of the Stellantis group Maserati can boast of 67 new vehicle registrations in the past ten months. This is 28.85% more than a year ago in the same period. Maserati is ranked 39th in that position. October saw 10 registrations and was 11.11% better than September, but 9.09% worse than last October.

A brand that offers exciting cars Alpine row 42. Ten months of this year brought 32 registrations of A110, 6.67% more than the brand’s success in the same period last year. In October, there were 5 such registrations, which is 150.00% more than September and 66.67% more than the tenth month of last year.

according to the data IBRM Samar
Krzysztof Gregorczyk

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