Ten things we saw about the Genesis Electrified G80

Ten things we saw about the Genesis Electrified G80

It was briefly tested
Ten things we saw about the Genesis Electrified G80

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Genesis is offering an electric version of its G80 sedan. With a luxurious interior, 800-volt technology and good looks, the car is an alternative to the Tesla Model S or Mercedes EQE.

With the G80 Electric, Genesis has the most luxurious electric car on the market. We tried it.

(Photo: Thomas Günnel/Automobil Industrie)

With the G80 Electric, Genesis has launched a real eye-catcher. With its elegant design and solid craftsmanship, the model is a strong competitor, for example to the Mercedes EQE or Tesla’s Model S. 800-volt technology allows fast charging at the corresponding charging station. The battery has a capacity of 87.2 kWh. Genesis promises a maximum range of 520 km in combined mode; and that is true according to our test.

The driving performance of the all-wheel drive electric car is very good: a motor with an output of 136 kilowatts is installed on the front and rear axles; maximum torque is 700 Newton meters. It goes from zero to 100 km / h in 4.9 seconds if necessary, and it goes to 225 km / h. But it doesn’t have to be busy: the Electrified G80 is a great cruiser. Sound system with Quantum Logic, very quiet interior, massage seat for the driver or displays for passengers in the second row to ensure a pleasant journey.

The car is already in good condition with basic equipment. In our test car, the list of options included the technology package, comfort and seat, V2L technology and the special color “Matira Blue” on the list: it makes a total of 81,000 euros. A solar roof that charges a high-voltage battery would also be an option. Genesis talks about a range of up to 1,150 km, which can be achieved over the course of a year.

The photo gallery shows ten things we saw about the Genesis Electrified G80 during testing:

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