Tesla accuses regulator in US racism case |  NOW

Tesla accuses regulator in US racism case | NOW

Tesla accuses the California government agency of abusing power after a regulator sued the company for alleged racism. The manufacturer of the electric car claims that the regulator should not suspend the case.

In a new court document, the company complains about the Department of Employment and Housing Justice (DFEH), which was created to address issues such as employment discrimination. The agency made serious allegations about racism in Tesla’s factories, but has not investigated this in detail, according to the company.

“DFEH conducted a temporary investigation without questioning key witnesses, requesting key documents or ever entering a Fremont factory,” lawyers for the automotive company wrote.

The California Anti-Discrimination Office filed a lawsuit in court against Tesla in February for allegedly allowing racist acts at its Fremont factory. According to the agency, black workers were forced to tolerate racist names and would be forced to work harder.

Before the regulator filed a lawsuit, some black Tesla employees had already accused the company of racism. A former employee was paid $ 137 million by the jury, but a judge recently reduced that amount to $ 15 million.

Tesla now accuses DFEH of being more interested in interesting headlines and exceeding its original goal. The tool would use the case as a way to elevate itself.