Tesla announces.  Few will benefit from it

Tesla announces. Few will benefit from it

Tesla is trying to significantly strengthen its position on the German market by persuading potential customers to pay several thousand euros for a new car. The manufacturer also assures those who may not receive funding due to delivery delays.

Germany has attractive funding for electricians. Not yet

Even today, the purchase of an electrician in Germany is a huge profit from attack financing. Unfortunately, starting January 1, 2023, the government intends significantly reduce the amount of subsidies for the purchase of new electric vehicles. Car value:

  • up to EUR 40,000 received a grant of EUR 9,000. After the change, it will be like this 6,750 euros
  • up to EUR 65,000 received a grant of EUR 7,500. After the change, it will be like this 4,500 euros

For example: the base version of the Tesla Model 3 currently costs 49,990 euros in Germany. Therefore, this year it can be bought for 42,490 euros, and from January for 45,490 euros.

Tesla Model Y prices in Germany and expected delivery date before the end of the year (Source: Tesla)

Customers could lose financing if they don’t pick up the car until 2023

German government only pays the subsidy after taking the carand not after ordering. This means that all customers who fail to collect their car at the end of 2022 will “lose” several thousand euros.

Tesla, to reassure potential and current customers, has just sent an email saying that the company will pay the difference in financing that has occurred due to delivery delays.

Therefore, if Tesla fails to deliver the ordered car to the customer this year (with more attractive financing), its owner will receive a suitable financial compensation.

Elon Musk must have strong faith in the power of manufacturing and logistics. Or he has a lot of money

The production of the Gigafactory Berlin continues to increase, but the production lines themselves are not the only part in the whole process that ends with delivering the car to the customer. Transportation and logistics are also important – and Tesla cannot always control this.

However, such a move on the part of Tesla is very bold – because if for some reason the delivery of the ordered cars is delayed, the company may face additional costs – unexpected, but interesting.

We warn you – to order a Tesla in Germany, you must live there. Therefore, if you do not have German citizenship – nothing from savings is possible and you have to count on the Polish program “My Electrician”.

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