Tesla boss denies reports about US imports > teslamag.de

Tesla boss denies reports about US imports > teslamag.de

According to CEO Elon Musk, if it is possible the production of electric cars in Tesla and their buyers should be on the same continent, but it is not necessary to be close to this desire. The reason for this is that the Gigafactory in China has so far won over everyone, that’s why it continues. Many Model Ys are exported from there to Europe, for example – and the Model 3 is not produced in new factories in Germany and the United States. And according to a report that Musk denied, Tesla may want to send electric cars from China to the United States.

Save on Tesla imports from China

The Tesla Giga Factory in China produced 87,706 electric cars in October, according to the local agency. That was more than ever before in a single month and already used up 22,000 new Model Y and Model 3 capacity per week reached by summer conversions to peak capacity. However, unlike usual, not nearly the same number of electric cars from the Chinese factory were sold in the country of origin or for export: this number. it was about 71,704 Model Y and Model 3 in Octoberonly fourth value so far.

Due to this situation, it is already great speculated about further price cuts by Tesla in China. But on Friday, the Reuters news agency brought another variant. The company is focusing on exporting electric cars from China to the United States, it said, citing two people with knowledge. Tesla is currently investigating whether the Model 3 and Model Y will comply with US regulations with parts from Chinese suppliers. If confirmed, they may begin shipping to North America next year.

The agency cited the growing cost benefits of China’s Gigafactory and declining domestic demand as possible reasons for changing Tesla’s previous shipment flow. In addition, the depreciation of the renminbi exchange rate and the higher price of Tesla that can be obtained in the United States will support this decision. On the other hand, it will be politically sensitive, Reuters continues. And for every Model 3 or Model Y imported from China, Tesla would have to pay a 27.5 percent US tax plus shipping costs.

CEO Musk completely denies the report

The cost benefit of production in China would have to be significant to justify this change. In fact, after the Reuters report was published on Twitter, CEO Musk once again acted as a spokesperson for Tesla (although he was much younger), commenting on it with the word “bad”. However, this can refer to the entire passage as well as only partial elements.

In such a case of the small work of journalists after the release of this August, the Tesla’s Twitter account for a Bloomberg report on the departure of its chief legal officer declares that this is wrong. This was confirmed by the news that he still works at Tesla. In the process of taking over Twitter, according to one Law.com reports However, another employee, the position of General Counsel does not exist at Tesla, but works behind it.