Tesla boss Elon Musk could be in the eyes of US authorities, Apple again without a design boss, TUI can’t break out and Snap again disappoints with catastrophic numbers.

Tesla boss Elon Musk could be in the eyes of US authorities, Apple again without a design boss, TUI can’t break out and Snap again disappoints with catastrophic numbers.

Good news is still scarce in the stock market

A successful stock market week has come to an end this weekend. But even recovery in DAX and Co. cannot hide the fact that the markets are still in a state of crisis. It is also important that bad news reigns again, and this does not mean (only) widespread fear of recession.

Investors of Tesla (US88160R1014) about a report from “Bloomberg” that US President Joe Biden may consider the so-called National Security Review against Elon Musk. Nature is said to be concerned that the world’s richest man could become a clear threat to national security if he gets out of control.


Poster EMH PM BusinessWith his impulsive nature, the billionaire is currently doing nothing for himself. It has not yet been officially confirmed that the US secret services will be activated. However, if Musk causes more scandals related to American interests in the near future, the whole thing is possible. Investors should at least mentally prepare for more wind from Musk, who likes to shout.

Headless innovation at Apple?

Apple (US0378331005) at the same time, after only three years, he is parting ways with new design boss Evans Hankey, as can be read on Bloomberg. Hankey took over this position from Jony Ive, who was Apple’s senior design manager for decades. In 2019 he left Apple to start his own company, LoveFrom.

Since the design team has been working under dual leadership for some time, Alan Dye will remain with the group as leader. But he is responsible for the design of the program. In terms of equipment, that is, what catches the eye of the customer, there are currently many unanswered questions. Who can succeed Hankey is now quite clear. In fact, there are also rumors that the hardware design division may remain headless and that corresponding decisions will be made elsewhere in the future. One is sure that Apple CEO Tim Cook has been pursuing this goal for some time. However, there is no solid evidence for this.


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TUI looks up

all around TUI (DE000TUAG000) there was a bit of bad news, but not exciting reports either. The tour operator was upbeat about the impressive recovery in the stock market over the past few days, but has yet to give any lasting signs of real change. For this, the head would first target the line at EUR 1.50.


Advertising poster ClaudemusBut that is easier said than done. On Friday, the stock fell 0.3 percent as part of a general consolidation and ended the weekend at EUR 1.44. This is not a broken leg and it is also not necessarily the end of the upward movement. However, the fact that even a small headwind is enough to gently trip the stock should give investors food for thought. The success of the past few days stands on a shaky foundation.

Snap falls down

For part of snap (US83304A1060) Investors can only dream of such problems. The company shocked investors again on Thursday with more or less disastrous numbers. Losses were in line with expectations. Sales, however, were very disappointing, with no growth in sight. The group also warns that next year is unlikely to be better.

The response from investors was overwhelming. With a price loss of more than 30 percent, the next rally of shareholders began and the price fell to below EUR 7.50. Meanwhile, Snap’s stock hit its lowest level in nearly four years. The decline may continue further, as the future prospects are very bleak due to the weakening of the online advertising market.

A difficult day for investors


ISIN watchlist advertising bannerBasically, it remains that the situation on the stock market is worse at the moment. Everywhere people are thinking about the possibility of recession. Topics rarely fade into the background and, as in the past week, there are also recovery phases. So far, however, this has not been enough to change the trend and the bears still hold the upper hand. Good news will surely come again at some point. When that will be the case on a large scale is still in the stars.

October 23, 2022 – Andreas Göttling-Daxenbichler

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