Tesla boss Taiwan as a special region of China > teslamag.de

Tesla boss Taiwan as a special region of China > teslamag.de

Along with his proposal that the regions of Ukraine occupied by Russia should be voted under the supervision of the United Nations and then to shoot them down unilaterally after this vote. Tesla CEO Elon Musk himself angered some of his closest supporters last week, if not lost. According to his statement on Twitter, he knew that these ideas would not be popular. And as soon as the excitement over Ukraine subsided, Musk continued with controversial world politics: In an interview, he suggested making Taiwan, which was claimed by China, a special administrative region of that powerful country.

Two unsavory suggestions from Tesla’s boss

The proposal also “won’t please everyone,” the Tesla boss said Financial Times (FT), however, did not let this prospect stop him from presenting it: His proposal was to establish a special administrative region for Taiwan. This would make the country a part of China like Hong Kong, which its residents have not had a good experience with. But Musk said it’s not only unlikely, but likely, that a “soft” arrangement will be found for Taiwan.

Once again, Tesla’s boss may be going against the grain of opinion in the West. He wants Russia to withdraw from Ukraine and China to leave only Taiwan. According to Musk, it is about preventing millions of deaths in escalating wars. Looking at the second issue, according to the FT, he described the conflict as inevitable. If that happens, not only Tesla will suffer, but the entire world economy, which he predicted will shrink by 30 percent.

Musk defended himself against strong criticism of his Ukraine proposal by saying, among other things, that he. country with Starlink satellite internet service support so far has cost SpaceX 70 million dollars, he said on Twitter. However, he received applause for his action only near Russia, whose President Putin asked Musk to fight for Ukraine this March.

“Musk should look for political advisors”

The FT interviewer gently brushed aside the new idea about Taiwan. of Reuters news agency asked however, later after the response and hearing from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, first, that Taiwan is an internal issue. Second, the separatist movement there will be “repeated from time to time”. Similar to Ukraine, politicians from Taiwan rejected Musk’s proposal. Tesla’s boss should seek a more open-minded political adviser, a senior security official is quoted as saying.