Tesla Cybertruck as an amphibious vehicle: Elon Musk confirms the “cyberboot”

Tesla Cybertruck as an amphibious vehicle: Elon Musk confirms the “cyberboot”


Tesla’s Cybertruck will also be able to swim. This is confirmed by Elon Musk himself and the dream of the “internet bot” seems more real than ever.

Cybertruck should also be able to “swim”. (Source: Twitter/EvasTeslaSPlaid)

  • Tesla’s Cybertruck will probably be able to swim.
  • Elon Musk confirmed this with a tweet.

Of Cybertruck from Tesla It is one of the most prestigious projects of the company, but it is not yet available. Reason enough to continue to fantasize about the unusual features that Tesla could have taken to photograph electricity.

So maybe he’ll be able to swim, as Elon Musk succinctly confirms on Twitter. His message followed an alleged comment by a Tesla engineer about the car’s durability features: “If Elon Musk says it on Twitter, we’ll build it.” It wasn’t Musk’s first comment on a possible amphibious vehicle.

In early 2019, company boss Musk was computerized Video with sound showing a floating Cybertruck, whose owner is fishing at the loading dock. “I think we can do it,” he said at the time.

Is Musk kidding again?

No one can think of an angular car as a type of boat and maybe it’s just a joke. Or Elon Musk surprises with the “internet revolution” that no one expects. He could be trusted.

Tesla Cybertruck – different variations

According to the Electrek technology portal, the Cybertruck should appear at the end of 2022, prices start at 40,000 US dollars, equivalent to 41,000 euros.

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