Tesla driver returns to combustion engines: “I wouldn’t recommend it”

Tesla driver returns to combustion engines: “I wouldn’t recommend it”

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Tesla driver converted from Model Y to combustion engine. In the forum he explains his reasons (icon picture). © Andreas Haas/Imago

In the forum, the driver explains why he switched his electric car to a combustion model after only six months.

Stuttgart/Austin – Requirements for electric cars continues to increase as more motorists slowly transition from the main combustion engine to a battery-powered model. User “nashifiqbal” was also in one after the test drive Tesla The Model Y Long Range is passionate and therefore replaced the company’s electric car Elon Musklike him Cars Reddit Forum has been reported. Also a VW drivers recently drove a Tesla for the first time and were impressed by the speed of the electric car.. In “nashifiqbal”, however, the joy over the electric car did not last long. He replaced the Tesla Model Y with a combustion engine model after just six months. That reports bw24.de.

On the Reddit forum, a former Tesla driver explains his reasons for returning to gasoline engines. The justification sounds pretty weak at first, as he mostly argues that an electric car isn’t nearly as much fun to drive as a combustion engine. But the fact that models with high performance also work as electric cars have The impressive Porsche and Taycan electric sports car verified by yourself Ferrari wants to be ready for the e-car era by 2025. A Reddit user’s switch to a gasoline engine eventually had a different issue, as he eventually admits in the thread.

Tesla driver disappointed after initial enthusiasm: “It wasn’t as fun as I expected”

American manufacturer Tesla has also been offering in Germany since the end of March and produces the Model Y from “Giga Berlin” in Brandenburg for the European market. A Reddit user bought a 2022 Model Y after a test drive, as he explains. “The idea of ​​not paying more for gas and at the same time getting a luxury car sounded interesting enough,” he explains. According to his own information, he had no quality problems with his Tesla model for six months and also liked the autopilot, which is sometimes openly criticized, especially for long car trips.

“Man has a headache”: Tesla drivers would prefer to drive combustion engines again

Another one A Tesla driver recently switched to the German electric car and doesn’t regret his decision. However, user “nashifiqbal” immediately returned to a different drive. He gives three main reasons for this change in the Reddit forum. Apparently he could not cope with the feeling of driving an electric car. “It wasn’t as fun as I expected,” he says. “Don’t get me wrong, instant torque is great, but if you do it several times in a row you get a headache.” That’s why he had to slow down a bit when accelerating.

Next charging station 11 km away: Tesla driver swaps electric car for combustion engine again

Since he says he prefers a driving style in which he accelerates hard, then lets the car spin and then accelerates again, he couldn’t handle the Tesla Model Y’s recovery either. “Re-braking means you have to keep your foot on the pedal all the time and be very careful going fast, which for me ruined some of the fun,” he explains. “That was the most important factor.” The third main thing he mentions is that after moving house he could no longer charge the electric car at home and the nearest Supercharger station was 11 kilometers away.

A Reddit user posits the most plausible reason for switching from electric vehicles to combustion engines.

The main reasons given by a Reddit user for his switch from an electric car back to a combustion model don’t seem right. “If you’re a regular driver and prefer convenience, Tesla is probably your best bet,” he says. “But if you’re a fan or just enjoy driving more, I wouldn’t recommend it.” Then you’d have more fun in a gasoline-powered sports car. luxury manufacturer For example, Bugatti wants to stick with a combustion engine, an electric car is not planned at the moment. “Sure, you have to pay a lot for gas,” is the initial conclusion of a Reddit user. “But it’s all about a smile for every mile.”

Since other users on the Reddit forum “Cars” were not convinced by the motive, the former Tesla driver followed suit and finally also admitted the main reason for his switch from an electric car to a gasoline engine. “Yes, I profited from selling Tesla,” he writes. He bought an electric car for around 54,500 euros and sold it back for 58,500 euros. “I traded it in for a certified used 2019 Genesis G70 3.3T for €34,500,” he explains. “After paying off my debt to Tesla, I got about 11,600 euros for the gasoline engine.”