Tesla first partner for new crash warning system > teslamag.de

Tesla first partner for new crash warning system > teslamag.de

According to the study, 14,371 people are injured and 566 are killed in accidents involving damaged vehicles every year in the United States. Against this background, the private company Emergency Safety Solutions (ESS) is developing a system abbreviated as HELP, which is intended to attract drivers approaching an obstacle with light signals and information in their navigation system. And as ESS announced on Wednesday, Tesla wants to be the first car manufacturer in the world to integrate this system into its electric vehicles.

“Big step” by Tesla

According to ESS, the agreement applies worldwide, and Tesla plans to introduce the technology in North America first. This should make the company’s electric cars the first passenger cars to be made available. In the message The CEO of ESS explains that with the agreement, its own system will be able to come in millions of cars worldwide, which is a “big step” for its spread.

In this case, HELP stands for Enhanced Hazard Location Protocol. It is developed by RSS and released through a license. It works in a mixed analog and digital way: if the sensors in the car detect an accident or malfunction, the system turns on the hazard warning lights. This is already more common today – but ESS increases the blinking rate significantly: Studies have shown that five times per second is considered better instead of a rate of 1-2 Hertz.

Warning also for navigation systems

In addition, HELP sends location data on the damaged vehicle to the cloud, from where it can be transferred to navigation systems. If another vehicle is approaching, an audio and visual warning (see image above) is provided. According to ESS, lightening speed alone in the tests caused oncoming drivers to slow down or change lanes earlier and more aggressively. In Tesla, the system should be used initially in North America, but it is basically international. The company did not release any information about the schedule.