Tesla has a path of potholes on the road and chassis damage.  It was enough to update

Tesla has a path of potholes on the road and chassis damage. It was enough to update

While in Poland it is much better in this regard than ten years ago, driving on irregular and ‘luxury’ roads is still like a combination of slalom and bumps. Potholes are not a Polish idea (perhaps that’s a good thing), and chassis damage caused by running into them happens all over the world.

Because of update code 2022.20 every Tesla can now inspect the road for potential potholes and automatically adjust the suspension settings for the quality of the surface it is traveling on. Road quality data can be collected by all Tesla vehicles and shared with each other.

The update does not apply to Auto Modes and Full Auto Modes. Therefore, the car will not try to avoid potholes on its own

For a while, Tesla engineers are said to be working on a mapping system that collects information about the biggest potholes in the road that can, in the worst case, damage the chassis of the cars. Finally, therefore, the car will be able to deal with potentially dangerous potholes on the pavement.

Another curiosity that appeared with the said update is a small thing that can save the nerves of drivers. It’s about a gentle notification that the light turns green. How many times have you felt like killing someone when such an incident was not noticed by the driver in the car in front of you?

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The function will only work in Tesla cars with on-board computer code 3.0, that is, one that offers the possibility of autonomous driving. In fact, the magic alarm will not replace the attention of the driver, who should stop scrolling through social media and fix makeup in the car.