Tesla has been at the charging station for eight weeks: “Show this amazing”

Tesla has been at the charging station for eight weeks: “Show this amazing”

Daniëlle Smit from Nieuw-Sloten is completely done with the Tesla that has been hanging in the charging station in front of her door for eight weeks. Smit complained to the municipality and was surprised to hear that the owner was on vacation.

“And then leave your car here for eight weeks,” says Smit in amazement. The fact that the car has been there for a while can be seen from the cobwebs around the car. “I think this is an amazing show.”

There is no time limit

A Tesla owner can leave it for a while. In Amsterdam there is no time limit for parking at a pay station. Then of course you have to pay your parking fee, but that is exactly 0 euros here at Kempenlaan. A spokesperson says that the municipality sees no problem with the so-called ‘bright charging station’. “We have a large network of payment centers in Amsterdam.”

And Danielle Smit doesn’t understand that at all. “If you park here on the side of the road, you will be fined 150 euros, but you can own a pay station”.


It is surprising that fines have been issued elsewhere in the country to drivers who stayed for a long time at a toll booth. In Arnhem, a judge ruled that a man had to pay a fine of 95 euros because his car had already been charged for two hours, but had not yet been taken out of the charger.

National regulations or unambiguous policy regarding no use of public charging points yet. Smit understands that it can cause confusion, but not when it comes to the car in front of his door. “This issue goes further.”

The municipality says it will contact the owner once he returns from vacation.

Update: A day later Zowik came forward, who also has an electric car. According to him, electric vehicles should remain connected to the charging station, because otherwise battery damage will occur. Read his story here.