Tesla ignores pedestrians – users advocate full autonomy

Tesla ignores pedestrians – users advocate full autonomy

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From: Simon Mones

There is always criticism of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving. In San Francisco, the system has now ignored a pedestrian in a crosswalk. A Twitter user defended the behavior.

Elon Musk would rather announce today than tomorrow that cars can finally drive fully. At least he’s lying Tesla with names like “Autopilot” or “Driving yourself full(FSD) previously. However, both systems are far from self-driving and are often criticized. But some users defend the driving assistant against all criticism, even if a pedestrian is almost injured.

That’s exactly what happened in San Francisco, California, according to a video posted to Twitter by user Whole Mars Catalogue. The clip was taken from inside a Model 3 or Model Y. It shows a woman entering a zebra crossing 18 to 25 meters in front of an electric car. The app recognizes the pedestrian right away, but it doesn’t do as well as one would expect.

Tesla Doesn’t Stop for Pedestrians at Crosswalks: “If Humans Would”

Because instead of applying the brakes and letting the woman cross the road, as is necessary at the zebra crossing (also in California), Tesla continued on the journey. Only a few meters were missing from that electric car he would beat the woman. But not only that, the Twitter user “Whole Mars Catalogue” also praises the complete independent operation of his response.

Instead of stopping, Full Self-Driving just keeps driving, breaking the law. © Twitter (Whole Mars Catalog)

“One of the most exciting things I’ve seen in Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta 11.4.1,” the Twitter user wrote. “It detected a pedestrian, but instead of hitting the brakes, it just drove past like a human because it had enough time to do so.” enter the zebra crossing before completely crossing the intersection.

A Twitter user defends FSD and comes under criticism himself

Tesla’s behavior seems to be the result of recent changes in the beta program. Earlier, the car stopped in the middle of the pedestrian crossing, reports Twitter user “Whole Mars Catalog”. In the comments he therefore posts a second video showing this behavior. Critical voices certainly should not be silenced as a result.

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Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak recently criticized the system. And Tesla is also facing trouble in court because of the names. Experts however are not keen that the beta version of FSD is being tested on public roads. And also under the video on Twitter, many users were critical:

  • “Can Teslas speed up and drive themselves in the trash where it’s okay?”
  • “The pedestrian was already on the crosswalk and the car had time to stop, if it had to brake it was going very fast. It would be commendable if a Tesla would slow down when approaching an intersection.”
  • “The car in the first video should have stopped. There is a clearly visible sign that says give way to pedestrians in the crosswalk! This is clearly different from the situation in this car. What exactly is fun about endangering pedestrians?”
  • “No. That’s reckless driving that’s illegal, and you’ve come up with reasons to defend why it’s the right thing to do. But thank you for knowing that Tesla’s self-driving mode is unsafe.