Tesla in trouble.  Most of the 38 out of 47 accident investigations involved his vehicles

Tesla in trouble. Most of the 38 out of 47 accident investigations involved his vehicles

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration continues to investigate the cause of the fatal accident involving a Tesla Model Y. The car with the driver’s assistant started and lost the motorcyclist. This is another collision involving a vehicle with an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS).

As reported by roadandtrack.com, Tesla vehicles have so far been involved in approximately 80 percent of all collisions where investigations related to the use of such devices are conducted. As many as 18 accidents involving the death of a car driver or other road user are being investigated in another larger investigation, which began in 2016.

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Tesla targeted by the US administration

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the only investigation involving Tesla vehicles and ADAS. In August 2021, the US Highway Safety Administration launched a separate investigation into the “autopilot” used in California vehicles. It covers more than 800,000 vehicles from 2014 to 2021, including the current Model 3, Model Y, Model S and Model X lineups.

The entire investigation began with the investigation of accidents in which Tesla cars collided with various types of vehicles, often just parked (ambulances, fire engines, road maintenance vehicles, etc.). Additionally, its scope was expanded last month to include 191 more accidents in the investigated cases.

Investigators have already found that many collisions are related to the use of “autopilot” on highways, negligence related to driver inattention, and the use of ADAS in adverse weather conditions.

The new version of the system is already working

Tesla on Monday launched version 10.13 of what it calls the “Full Self-Driving Beta”. The new update introduces improvements mainly related to safe left turn collision cornering, as well as detection of animals and all kinds of road signs.

It is worth noting that the program is still a driver assistance system. It is by no means a complete “autopilot”. However, many users still ignore the warnings, not paying enough attention while driving, often causing a collision.