Tesla is beefing up the Model Y configuration to keep up with the competition

Tesla is beefing up the Model Y configuration to keep up with the competition

The competition continues at a rapid pace and pushes Tesla to react to the new configuration of the Model Y, which is not only its most popular car, it is also the car that was sold the most to Europeans in 2023. A great success, linked to the unique ratio of quality/price of the car which until then had no real competition. Unless all manufacturers are selling SUVs at the same price and sometimes more freely, such as Renault’s new Scenic E-Tech, forcing Tesla to react.

The new Model Y variant at Tesla’s Belgian configurator. Photo MacGeneration.

The reaction involves the fourth variant of the car, which takes the Propulsion base, with a single engine at the back, and a large battery of the Great Liberty. It is enough to show a theoretical autonomy of 600 km according to the WLTP standard, the best for the Model Y. The old “High Autonomy” version, now called “High Autonomy Integral Transmission”, remains at the last 565 km while offering better performance. . Customers who do not want four-wheel drive and who want to have better freedom can be tempted by this new feature.

For one reason or another, this Model Y Grande Autonomie Propulsion is not yet sold in France, so we do not know its price in France. Tesla France, however, confirmed to me that this was planned soon, without giving me details on the final dates to expect and even a small price. Perhaps the French subsidiary of the Texan manufacturer is looking for a solution to stay under the ecological bonus, set at €47,000. In other European countries, the new Model Y easily surpasses this level: it costs €49,970 in Belgium.

If we also approach €50,000 in France, the Model Y will have to face, among others, the Scenic sold from €42,990 bonus cut for more theoretical freedom (625 km) and more European specifications. Will Tesla be able to lower its price by around €3,000 to enter the French bonus? When the answer is given.

Other prices should not change, so the Model Y should still start at a €40,990 bonus deducted in France.