Tesla is holding orders for the Model S and Model X in Europe.  USA priority

Tesla is holding orders for the Model S and Model X in Europe. USA priority

The decision was announced on December 10, 2021. Under this agreement, orders for new Model X and Model S units outside North America were suspended. This means that European customers will have to be patient. As reported by the Electrek website – even until the second half of 2022.

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The lawsuit was heard from an email sent to European customers looking to purchase Model S and Model X. “To further increase the fulfillment of existing orders, including Model X orders, we are currently no longer accepting new orders for Model S and Model X. X out of the US market. North”.

Everything indicates that Tesla has significant delays in the production of these models. This is probably the result of the semiconductor crisis, the pandemic and the suspension of production in January 2021 to update the S and X versions.

For several months, the manufacturer has been accepting new orders – the refreshed Model S began to leave the factories in June, and the Model X – in October. Apparently, it was impossible to find, hence the decision to limit the offer to the main market.

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