Tesla is introducing a new battery.  It is enough for 1.6 million kilometers

Tesla is introducing a new battery. It is enough for 1.6 million kilometers

The American concern introduces a new type of battery for its models. The manufacturer guarantees that their service life is sufficient until the end of the vehicle’s life. And it should be so, because its replacement – if possible – is to have problems.

In the past months Tesla He was silent on the production of a new traction battery. It not only aroused the interest of brand fans or electricians in general, but also raised the pressure of the company’s investors from overseas.

Total access: amazing?

We know a lot more now. For example, that new battery (according to Tesla’s statements mentioned by moto.rp.pl) is to be impressive service life, which will reach 1.6 million kilometers. Although such a number may seem unrealistic – already in 2019 there will be The German boasted that he crossed the 1 million kilometer barrier model S from 2013.

However, new, modified batteries also worked with that success. Now the goal of the brand is to be increased range without significant drop in capacity during use. An additional benefit of the innovation is a 56 percent reduction in the price of batteries, which should positively affect the price of cars.

Battery (not) replaceable

But why might the fight to increase battery performance be more important for Tesla than ever? The reason may be difficult or even impossible maintenance of the new battery generation. A similar problem may occur when changing it.

Proof of these ideas is the work of the famous automotive engineer Sandi Munro, who collaborated, among other things, with General Motors and Ford. It is also famous for breaking down electricians into the main points and preparing a complete analysis.

Direct battery operation

In their latest film on Munro Live, Sandy and a colleague have used a new Tesla battery. Their investigation (which you will see in the video below) shows that the battery is practically connected to the body.

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In addition to the difficult access to the battery itself, the modules are hidden and arranged behind a layer of polymer. All this means that, instead of working electro-mechanically, the battery requires the intervention of a microsurgeon.. Therefore, it is difficult to imagine that a possible repair will be – also real – a benefit.