Tesla is lowering the price of the Model 3 again in the Netherlands

Tesla is lowering the price of the Model 3 again in the Netherlands

In January, Tesla also cut the prices of the Model 3 and Model Y in the Netherlands. Then the price of Model 3 dropped by 7,000 euros to 44,990 euros. The car has now been priced another 3,000 euros: 41,990 euros. The price applies to the cheaper version, with rear-wheel drive, in white.

The Model 3 variant is eligible for a purchase subsidy of 2950 euros, which is capped at 45,000 euros. The more expensive Long Term and Performance versions of the Model 3 have also become cheaper. Now they cost 49,990 and 53,990 euros respectively.

Model Y

The Dutch entry price of Tesla Model Y it stayed the same. With a starting price of 46,990 euros, the Model Y is just not worth the subsidy. The Performance Edition of the Y has been reduced in price by 4000 euros.

Tesla cut prices on Friday in several European countries, including Germany and France. Company say making adjustments due to ‘scale expansion and improvement of production capacity’.

Several of Tesla’s competitors got their electric car prices right last year elevated. Other brands also do not yet have plug-in automotive manufacturing up to standard. Recently, Volkswagen reduced the price of the entry-level model ID. 3.


Last week, Tesla reported that deliveries in the first quarter were only 4 percent higher than in the previous quarter, despite earlier discounts. The next day, Tesla announced its fifth price cut in the US market.

At the beginning of this year, Tesla has already implemented several price cuts in many countries. With low prices, Tesla wants to keep demand for its cars going. In the past two years, demand for Tesla cars in Europe has outstripped supply, but that was about to change.