Tesla is seeing production and delivery decline

Tesla is seeing production and delivery decline

(ABM FN-Dow Jones) Tesla produced and delivered fewer vehicles last quarter than in the previous quarter. America’s electric car makers announced this on Monday in preparation for the figures they will report later this month on October 18.

Tesla produced 430,488 vehicles in the last quarter, while delivering 435,059 units.

A total of 416,800 cars of type 3 and Y were produced. 13,688 of the S and X models were produced.

In the second quarter, Tesla produced 479,700 vehicles, while delivering 466,140 vehicles.

According to Tesla, the quarterly decline is the result of a temporary suspension of production, intended to improve factories, as also announced.

“Our 2023 target of approximately 1.8 million units remains unchanged,” Tesla said Monday.

Tesla shares appear to have started Monday nearly 4 percent lower.

Source: ABM Financial News

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